Groups, hubbers

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    walkiriaposted 10 years ago

    How do I join or create a group????

    I am as new as I could  be here.

    Also, I am subscribed to one person's hub, how can I see all her hubs in a list?


  2. tshirtscene profile image53
    tshirtsceneposted 10 years ago

    from what I understand the "groups" are to organise your own hubs i.e. you may have a multitude of different hubs with different topics from recipes to online marketing, you can arrange these into "groups" or categories...

    and to find the hubs made by your favourite hubbers only way I know how is to go to "my account" then on the right menu look down till you see "favourite hubbers" alist of people who you have subscribed to (fan) will be there, click on their name it will take you to that hubbers profile and you will see listed latest hubs, hot hubs, and best hubs.

    happy hubbing big_smile