I figured out google, now what about Amazon....

  1. djtphn1 profile image83
    djtphn1posted 10 years ago

    I signed up for amazon today but have not idea what to do now. I have a associate id is there something else I have to do w/ it, again, clueless and gosh, it is 3 am and I am still up posting on this site, I must be MAD!

  2. WordPlay profile image62
    WordPlayposted 10 years ago

    I was clueless about this too when I first joined. I thought if I just selected an Amazon capsule, the product information would fill in all by itself! Here's what you need to do:

    1. Select an Amazon capsule.

    2. When you open it, you'll see an interface that allows you to search by keywords or ASIN. I find it's best to start with a keyword search, using keywords from your hub (not the hub title, even though that fills in automatically). This search will show you what Amazon has to offer. Make sure to choose a product type if you want specific results, such as DVDs only, books only, etc.

    3. If you get mixed results (some products you want, some you don't), go to the Amazon site and check for products by keyword. Once you find a product you want to use, do three things:

    a. Copy the ASIN number. Find this by scrolling down on a product page until you see it. Here's an example of how it looks on an Amazon page: ASIN: B0002W4P98 (Only paste in the actual number; leave out "ASIN:")

    b. Go back to your Amazon capsule and change the pulldown menu on the "Display Options" tab to "Asin."

    c. Go to the "ASIN Search" tab and paste in the ASIN. (Repeat steps 3a-3c for each product you want to add.)

    4. Now you can click the "Preview Amazon Results" button and you should get a list of the products you want.

    I hope that helps! :-)