Adsense- how to link with hub pages

  1. nicemol profile image48
    nicemolposted 10 years ago

    recently i have joined in google adsense.  made around 100$ so far . but to generate visit to my site i have to work a lot and have no idea how to get the traffic regularly at least 500 impressions on my site. i have registered with forum, directories, and news list. but no good results. can u suggest how can reach the target . how this hub pages will be useful for me.
    hope after i join this, definitely it will be turning point for me to get dream money online.



    <snip>Per forum promotional links</snip>

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    bloggerdollarposted 10 years ago … ake-money/

    you can check my post to get an idea about hubpages. I get organic traffic (search engines) for my hubpages without any effort at all.