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How do I fix a duplicate tag on my hub with out changing the letter?

  1. Joni Douglas profile image83
    Joni Douglasposted 7 years ago

    How do I fix a duplicate tag on my hub with out changing the letter?

    I wrote a hub about Mother's day that included a letter about Mean Moms.  This letter has obviously circulated the net.  I received a copy of this letter from a dear friend after my mother passed and I shared it here because it was so heartwarming.  I did not take credit for the letter, even stating that I didn't know the name of the original author. I also put the whole thing in quotes.  So how do I avoid the duplicate tag and hub score penalty?
    http://hubpages.com/hub/Happy-Mothers-D … -Mean-Moms

  2. relache profile image88
    relacheposted 7 years ago

    Duplicate content is duplicate content.  At the most, your score on that one Hub will get dinged a bit.  If you don't mind, you can just leave it as is.  No one else sees the flag but you.

    The only way you might get around the flag would be to write a LOT more original content so that the percentage of copied text became low enough to not trigger the filter.

  3. Joni Douglas profile image83
    Joni Douglasposted 7 years ago

    Thank you relache.  I guess I won't worry too much about it then.  I sure appreciate the prompt answer.

  4. Stevennix2001 profile image91
    Stevennix2001posted 7 years ago

    i understand how you feel, as i have some duplicate content as well. you see i used to write a lot of film reviews on yahoo and myspace since i was 13 yrs old, so when I got to hubpages, i just copied and pasted all my reviews from those sites.  Don't get me wrong, they were all originally written by me, just on different sites.  However, because they were on multiple sites, they were flagged as duplicate.   

    do you write on more than one site though?  the reason i bring that up is because i know when I asked hubpages staff about it, they told me that if you put the same article on another site originally then post it on here, then a lot of times it will come up as duplicate.  Even if you were the original author on that other site.  Therefore, the only advice I can give you to avoid that is either make sure that hubs you publish here will only be exclusive to this site, like I did.  Or you can just paraphrase every sentence you have in your hubs, so it won't show up as duplicate, as i know some hubbers do.  I don't know if you want to go through that or not, but it's an option.  anyway, i hope that helps.