How do I edit my hub?

  1. bacchusxxxxx profile image59
    bacchusxxxxxposted 7 years ago

    How do I edit my hub?

    I started a hub called "Deep Web Search" but there is nothing in it yet except a link to my site. Now I'm ready to put content on the hub but I dont see how to do it?

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    Jacqueline2posted 7 years ago

    You may add, edit or delete feeds. Simply type in the URL of the RSS feed you wish to add to your My Hub  page in the box provided

  3. johnsams profile image70
    johnsamsposted 7 years ago

    1) Go on this page:

    2) Click the "edit" button next to your hub

    3) Scroll down and click "edit" on any of the capsules you wish to edit.

    In your case, you can also add new "text", image or any other capsules capsules by clicking on the capsule options  that are given under "Add More Capsules" and that capsule will be added in your hub,

    Once you have added a text capsule, then all you have to do is to again click "edit" in that capsule and start adding content.

    hope this helps!

    I hope I havent confsus