craziest thing of my life

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    memorygraphicsposted 8 years ago

    some times we intentionly or by default do something crazy.
    lets see who is the craziest

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    wordscribe41posted 8 years ago

    Days after I graduated from college, I sold all my stuff, except what could fit into a duffle bag.  Bought myself a plane ticket to Tokyo, Japan (had never been) and landed there without a place to stay or a job prospect.  Just hoped I could find a teaching job.  Stayed in youth hostiles for a while and finally found a great job in Northern Japan.  I'm such a planner now, it's hard to believe.  I try to conjure up that adventurous side of me as much as possible, without crossing the impulsivity line.

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    Ghost32posted 8 years ago

    No fair, WordScribe--how do you expect any of us to play "Can you top this?" after THAT post? 

    Besides, all my actions seemed sensible at the kicking the bully of the mountain (in Montana) where it hurts... signing up to ride bulls instead of just broncs in the rodeos 'cause I thought it might help me make the college rodeo team...(it did)...paying a total stranger $40 to crash on his living room couch for a week...meeting my 7th wife in a laundromat while divorcing my 6th (still with #7)...taking a wrong turn out of a rodeo one night in Montana when I was 16 and driving 150 miles in the wrong direction, refusing to admit I was wrong and thus somehow convincing my weird Mom I'd gone nuts and kidnaped her (no, I did NOT have a thing for my mother!)...

    Nah.  Sorry.  Can't match WordScribe's....