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Whats the deal with Referrals?

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    ryankettposted 8 years ago

    I notice that there is a Referral Tracker and a Referral ID.

    Is there any benefits for me too be getting referrals?

    Thanks in advance.

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      Mobile Phonesposted 8 years agoin reply to this
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    Ghost32posted 8 years ago

    I'll have to watch this thread for an answer with a clue.  That one has me scratching my head, too.

  3. Julie-Ann Amos profile image65
    Julie-Ann Amosposted 8 years ago

    Yes - someone will be able to explain better than me but if you read the HubPages FAQ (yes, when in doubt read the instructions!) it says:

    How does the Traffic Referral program work?

    You can drive traffic from oustide of HubPages to the Hubs of other Hubbers and receive a percentage of the overall impressions. The traffic referral program works the following way:

    1. We start with Unique Trackers

    Every HubPages account has its own default referral tracker – referred to as a Unique Tracker. You can create additional referral trackers as you organize your link campaigns.
    2. Use the Unique Tracker to link to someone’s Hub.

    Before you can link, you must be signed in to HubPages. Then, when you’re at the Hub you want to link to, look at the bottom of the page (or click the green share it button). There will be two boxes marked “link to this page” and “email this page”. You can click on these links and choose the Unique Tracker you want to insert in the email, URL or HTML code we will generate for you. From that point, you can either send the mail, or cut and paste the URL link or HTML code and place it wherever you’d like outside of HubPages.
    3. The Traffic Referrals is guaranteed to be yours for 120 minutes. If someone clicks on your link to a specific Hub, you are entitled to the traffic referral impressions for 120 minutes. We set this limit because there may be multiple Hubbers referring people to a particular Hub. No other tracker can replace yours during that 120 minute period. This is called the ‘first dibs’ rule.

  4. Rik Ravado profile image92
    Rik Ravadoposted 8 years ago

    The biggest benefit of the tracker is if someone signs up with hubpages using your tracker then you get 10% of hubpages share of their adsense for ever!

    This is where most of my money comes from not my own hubs.  I currently have 56 signups with nearly 800 hubs earning 10% for me.

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    ryankettposted 8 years ago

    Thanks a lot guys you have all been a great help.

    The stuff about getting 10% of hubpages share of adsense impressions is awesome.

    I'm going to have a good go soon at trying to attract the next 5 Mark Knowles to hubpages... I would never need to write a hub again!

  6. Rik Ravado profile image92
    Rik Ravadoposted 8 years ago


    You hit the nail on the head - If only it were possible to attract the prolific writers - most of my referrals never write a hub and many more write one or two then give up!

    Luckily I have one that has written over 500 hubs.

  7. Andrew Tech profile image55
    Andrew Techposted 8 years ago

    Is it generally considered acceptable to put a tracker in your own links? Is this allowed? This could be a way of linking between your own hubs and hopefully getting a few people inspired to sign up and create some hubs themselves?

    1. darkside profile image81
      darksideposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      It's perfectly fine.

      I have a hub about how Referrals work.