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please i need help i want to earn just 5 or 10 dollars with hub how can i do tha

  1. bougrac profile image38
    bougracposted 7 years ago

    please i need help i want to earn just 5 or 10 dollars with hub how can i do that????

    PLEASE tell me how did you do that you only hve 134 hubs woops!!
    how did you do that i am working both with hubpages, yousaytoo, blurbez and shetoldme but i have not rach 10 dollars yet!!!!whats your strategey

  2. waynet profile image76
    waynetposted 7 years ago

    Go and read one of your own hubpages which is titled earn 200 dollars a day from adsense....it explained stuff about that!

  3. bougrac profile image38
    bougracposted 7 years ago

    yes dear freind you are really smart i am just dreaming . you may forgot  that those are just constuctions everybody write constructions. but we need meet someone who has reach that much 200 . thank you for your remark

  4. Cagsil profile image60
    Cagsilposted 7 years ago

    I'm not sure what you're driving at. And, I'm not aware of how you would know what I have earned via HubPages, except for the blog piece done on my achieving my first payout and reaching my second by posts in the forum.

    So, I am not sure what makes you think that I am averaging $5 to $10 per hub, which is definitely not the case. Your request for a hub that describes exactly how I've created my earnings isn't about to happen, due to the fact that I generate 90% of my earnings from my Celebrity hubs. Yes, I have 134 hubs at this point in time, however, I just recently entered into a 60 Day Challenge, so as to learn more about SEO and the promotion aspects, so I can earn more than I am presently making. Many of the hubs I've created during the Challenge are brand new and not mature enough to begin earning me anything as of yet. The "sales" hubs I've recently written are even newer than that, so those are probably not even indexed in Google as of yet and if they are, they are not earning anything, because the traffic coming to them isn't from search engines, but is from HubPages which in most cases are not buyers.

    I do not earn an average $5 per hub per day. So, I would have to ask that you request the hub you want from someone else- like Ryankett, Thisisoli, Pcunix or even Sunforged(though he is presently hosting the 60 day challenge I am part of it). Sunforged does have some awesome hubs worth reading though and would suggest you take your cues from the names I mentioned. I'm honored you would like me to write a hub on it, but it isn't about to happen.

  5. susantoandre26 profile image55
    susantoandre26posted 7 years ago

    I earn from blogger, for hubpages still try, hope can get much earning from adsense.

  6. Right On Time profile image63
    Right On Timeposted 7 years ago

    Strategy one: learn how to spell, I'm sorry but bad grammar will not make people want to read your hub

  7. Phil The Gain profile image61
    Phil The Gainposted 7 years ago

    Promote through various methods and make sure your hubs aren't boring.  It helps if you are writing about stuff that you have a passion for.

    It's a marathon and not a sprint my friend.

  8. smelloftruth profile image61
    smelloftruthposted 7 years ago

    Spend more time on keyword research and blog promotion. That way, that would increase your targetted traffic.