Page views and clicks just don't add up?!

  1. Ryancb4928 profile image73
    Ryancb4928posted 7 years ago

    Page views and clicks just don't add up?!

    First, let me say I have been with Hub pages for about a year now and like it alot exceptttt! I did a little expierament in the last month and came to a very interesting conclusion. Everytime I would add on to my hubs OBVIOUSLY the traffic flow picked up but on random occations not on my adsense stats WHICH ISSSS IMPOSSIBLE! On top of that, everyday for 2 weeks i republished my hubs without changing anything and got the same amount of views. If you have every type of information on view in your hub, whhy would stats not increase or search engines choose my site.LUDACRIS!

  2. Fenixfan profile image94
    Fenixfanposted 7 years ago

    This, unfortunately Ryan, is a problem I am facing myself. I'm thinking in order to get more adsense clicks, you have to write about particular subjects that google has ads for. That and find keywords that generate more money per click. Take Mesothelioma for example. How many people really know a lot about that? It's caused by asbestos and lots of people are sueing. That's the basis of my knowledge of it. But we have to go in depth and research those subjects and write interesting opinionative views that entice readers to stick to our pages until they see an ad that catches their eyes. With Mesothelioma gaining around $100 per click, it should help your CTR CPM out quite a bit, but it's going to require a lot of research on your part. Wish I had a better solution, but don't feel bad, I'm right next to you in the boat bud.