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Is it really possible to make money writing hubs?

  1. Robuck4 profile image48
    Robuck4posted 7 years ago

    Is it really possible to make money writing hubs?

    I've been a hub writer for almost a year with about 20 hubs and over a thousand views, but no money has been generated. I am using certain Amazon items and the basic Google generated ads. Is it my content/tags, advertising method or both? Thanks.

  2. Nolapete profile image83
    Nolapeteposted 7 years ago

    A thousand views is not very many in the world of Internet earnings.  Thousands per day, at the very least hundreds, are required to make money.  There are a lot of people on Hubpages and the Internet in general who have written volumes on the "how to" of it.  Backlinks and researching keywords are two of the hot topics I've started reading about.  I'm new to it all, but it seems to be all about the numbers and where you show up in the search engines on your topic.

  3. Dave Mathews profile image60
    Dave Mathewsposted 7 years ago

    I have been a Hub writer for ten months with nearly 100 hubs, and over 14 thousand readers, and have signed up for all the various money generating links but I have not earned even 1 dollar, so you are not alone here.

  4. Robuck4 profile image48
    Robuck4posted 7 years ago

    Thanks Dave and Nolapete.

    Wow Dave. That's a lot of activity. Good for you. But I must say your report is a bit discouraging. My adsense account has a status of pending approval for almost a year now. I was thinking that was why I wasn't seeing any money at all.

    Nolapete, I think you are right as well. But it seems really hard to make money. Of course, I love writing. So, maybe money souldn't even be a side goal.

  5. MythiliK profile image65
    MythiliKposted 7 years ago

    But I feel positive. I joined hubpages just few weeks before. My earning showed zero for few days. But now showing $3.5. So, I feel I am on right track. But still feel like doing some more homework (hard work) to increase it.

    P.S. If anyone feel like I am lying around and think of clicking the negative mark for this answer, please click the link below to see the proof and decide please. Thanks.

    http://write-and-earn.blogspot.com/2010 … sense.html

  6. jack2jacob profile image59
    jack2jacobposted 7 years ago

    yea.......its possible. do you have a website? or any blogsite which is approved by Google ad-sense? use that approval here in hubpages...and then just write hubs about topics related to your website and interesting topics..... redirect your hub readers to your website and blogsite....increase traffic. Make those readers to satisfied with your web page...use some interesting tricks, i think you got it right? (secret) so you can earn money online buddy......don't worry! hub is really nice if you are a starter........but you must know how to handle it! Read my posts related to this......good luck!