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  1. Lily Rose profile image85
    Lily Roseposted 9 years ago

    I belong to facebook, but am not extremely active on it.  I know creating backlinks is a good way to get traffic to your site, but is there another way to do it on FB other than commenting about it with a link on your wall?  I don't want to be obnoxious and try and post a link for each of my hubs to try and get all my "friends" to look at them - besides, if it's just a post on my wall, it'll be gone after a few minutes due to new postings, right?

    Any other suggestions on how to get backlinks?

    1. sunforged profile image72
      sunforgedposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      facebook appends your links with their own preview code

      Facebook links relating to your profile are nofollow, importantly the ones in "info" and on "wall posts", although the ones in the mini-feed and group pages are not (at least.last time i checked) meaning no "juice" as a backlink

      But still a great place to promote your writings, your "friends" should be interested in what you are up to! If you do the occassional post of your latest articles, I dont see taht as SPAM.

      When you post something new you get featured in everyone of your friends minifeeds, occassionally using the "note" feature and tagging friends that you think may be interested will automatically place taht note on there profile wall (u can do this with up to 30 people)

      1. Marisa Wright profile image97
        Marisa Wrightposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        No follow?  sheesh.  Does that include links in apps (I'm using an app that displays posts from your blog).

        1. sunforged profile image72
          sunforgedposted 9 years agoin reply to this

          Oops. i think i misinterpreted that, I was referring to an actual application page.

          I think your using an app like "networked blogs?" that uses your RSS feed to put posts in a widget for you?

          Im actually not 100% positive, I dont see the nofollow attribute in the link, but I use those types of apps too and have never seen it listed as a backlink in site explorer, backlink checker etc.

          So im leaning towards no..but thats not a definitive answer,

    2. darkside profile image80
      darksideposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I don't link all my hubs at facebook. Just a select few. Things that I think that people might like. So I may only do it once or twice a week. Sometimes even far less than that.

  2. sunforged profile image72
    sunforgedposted 9 years ago

    Nope, Apps are indexed and dofollow.

    Im dev a few myself for just this reason

  3. alexd181 profile image60
    alexd181posted 9 years ago

    Quality backlinks are difficult to obtain using social networks like Facebook. Google determines the quality of your backlinks by whether the site you are linking from is actually about the same topic you are writing about, and the links won't have too much bearing otherwise.

  4. girly_girl09 profile image74
    girly_girl09posted 9 years ago

    I definitely don't post on facebook. None of my family or friends have ever seen my work. Firstly, I don't want former colleagues seeing me write articles about eyebrows and pink polka dot luggage (they would be so shocked lol), wink and most importantly, I don't want people catching on that I earn money when someone clicks an ad. Lots of adsense users have been banned this way for invalid, 'illegal' clicks from family and friends just 'trying to help out.'

    Just something to consider. big_smile

  5. sunforged profile image72
    sunforgedposted 9 years ago

    Im on the exact opposite end of the spectrum.

    My profile clearly states that I am an artist, an internet marketer and a writer. So thats what type of stuff ends up in my feed and I certainly include my own links.

    I wouldnt notice if I lost a few Fb friends over it, but I have noticed great feedback, increased ebay sales (more personal than a myworld page!) and ever increasing traffic to my networks

    I avoid all fun applications and quizzes like the plague.

    I use the phone to call my friends

    I use email to deal with business associates

    I have rss feeds/FB connects for Digg, hubpages, two blogs,  ebay, etsy and youtube that autopost to my wall whenever new content is added.

    That sounds like a lot...but prob only adds up to 2-3 posts a day.

    Thise who know me well arent surprised by anything, and those who dont may not even associate the name "Sunforged" with my own.

    If anybody asks why are you writing about such odd topics, tell them, and send em' a hub sign up link

    People are usually surprised that some of us can really get away with working full time from home and are more interested than judgememtal...but then again those that i would be embarassed or guarded to share with, simply arent FB friends or are given limited access ( like the Mother-in-Law!)

  6. girly_girl09 profile image74
    girly_girl09posted 9 years ago

    Unfortunately my account has been inundated with former colleagues and as such, I feel it necessary to maintain a level of professionalism on my facebook account. I'm not worried as to what other's would think, I just try to have some sense of a private life. I've worked hard developing an image and brand for myself (I'm pretty young and had to compensate somehow!) and my work on hubpages doesn't fit in with that. I miss the days when facebook was college students only. It sure has changed a lot! No fun pictures online anymore! big_smile

    1. NZUNG SERAPHINE profile image68
      NZUNG SERAPHINEposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      you can also creat an open group in facebook and post interesting open group means any one can join it.


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