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What is the most effective way that you have found to get the word out about you

  1. drmingle profile image60
    drmingleposted 7 years ago

    What is the most effective way that you have found to get the word out about your HubPages?

    I am interested to learn both Internal and External to the HubPage site.

  2. angela kekahu profile image61
    angela kekahuposted 7 years ago

    idk how other people get their word out there but I get most of my traffice flow from Hubpages ^_^

  3. Susana S profile image96
    Susana Sposted 7 years ago

    The most effective way is to find a high traffic keyphrase for your topic and get a high position in the search engine results ie: first page.

    Even if you manage to get an article to go viral through facebook, Digg or twitter, the traffic is short lived and you are unlikely to earn from this kind of traffic.

    The first approach will give you much steadier traffic and more income.

    The best way to get more internal traffic, is first you have to have written something of quality that people will want to read and second get involved in the hubpages community by using the forums, commenting on oithers hubs, answering questions and that kind of thing.

  4. chinemeremz profile image78
    chinemeremzposted 7 years ago

    To get word out when you create hubs you need to consider the following:
    follow more people so that they'll follow you, it works this way-when you create hubs, by default hubpages sends an email alert to all your followers to go see the hub at the url posted.
    If you have many fb friends and twitter followers, take a step further and tweet this hub, and include it on your fb wall.
    If you create hubs always include the rss feeds capsule, to highlight your older hubs.
    Also on rss, create a tag on a category-for example if you have hubs on "Horse Shoes" create a tag on horse shoes with your username to make it more unique-like "chinemeremz horse shoes". Then add this tag to all related hubs, create an rss feed from the url by adding ?rss at the end of the url generated from your tags and burn the feed on feedburner to help you with ping your hubs when you create a new one.
    Create a blog on blogger and blog on your hub topics creating unique link backs for your hubs.
    Finally, join the friendfeed service.