Strange displays

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    wordscribe41posted 8 years ago HERE
    description here below- Employment Pro, *HubNuggets Team* volunteer, Martial Arts Grandmaster - 9th Degree Black Belt, Freelance Writer, Medical Researcher, dedicated Volunteer. Helped 10,000+ people attain careers....
    description here below-Isabella Snow is a saucy little wench who writes very naughty things for a living; sexy novels, glossy magazine articles and sex tip columns for  are just a few of mediums in which you...

    Can't properly catch a shot of what I'm seeing, but on the first page of every hubber listing, the first listing appears with the picture of the hubber and the description of the hubber next do it.  All listings below are the picture of the hubber with the description below.  Does that make sense?

    It does the same thing with the listings of my hubs when I click more.  Looks weird.  I'm using IE.  Hope this makes sense.

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      Maddie Ruudposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I see it.  Thanks for reporting.  Looks like an IE-specific problem.  We're on it.

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    wordscribe41posted 8 years ago

    Thanks, Maddie.  Figured it was an IE problem...