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What country are you from?

  1. darkside profile image81
    darksideposted 10 years ago

    Australia here.

  2. viralavatar profile image51
    viralavatarposted 10 years ago

    Italy..here we r

  3. profile image0
    simcoposted 10 years ago

    UK here, well actually South Wales!!!

  4. thecounterpunch profile image60
    thecounterpunchposted 10 years ago

    France, Paris. And this month is a lazy month for french as there 4 days of vacation and so today I'm not working ... again smile

    http://hubpages.com/hub/French_Vacation … rench_lazy

  5. tshirtscene profile image51
    tshirtsceneposted 10 years ago

    I'm in New Zealand

  6. relache profile image91
    relacheposted 10 years ago

    Pacific Northwest, USA

  7. spuds profile image59
    spudsposted 10 years ago

    Upper Hutt, New Zealand

  8. TommyGuy profile image51
    TommyGuyposted 10 years ago

    Malaysia. Wonder if there is any Hubbers from Malaysia here (or Singapore even)

  9. Marti profile image75
    Martiposted 10 years ago

    United States - Missouri - right in the geographic middle - LOL!

  10. jimmythejock profile image87
    jimmythejockposted 10 years ago

    I am from Bonnie Scotland where men are men and sheep are scared big_smile ....JIMMY

    1. tshirtscene profile image51
      tshirtsceneposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      rofl, big_smile

  11. silverstar8 profile image62
    silverstar8posted 10 years ago

    United States here.. Michigan ... where we are desperately in need of some global warming right now as that is where I am now... and Washington.. where global warming seems to have hit for the moment.. because I am now in Michigan!

  12. profile image43
    mohitkhullarposted 10 years ago
  13. FullTimeBuddy profile image54
    FullTimeBuddyposted 10 years ago

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  14. Keti profile image37
    Ketiposted 10 years ago

    I'm from Skopje, Macedonia smile

  15. Maddie Ruud profile image80
    Maddie Ruudposted 10 years ago

    *sings* California... knows how to party... cool

  16. profile image42
    doolallyposted 10 years ago

    Hi there everyone!!

    I'm from Scotland.

  17. Snowraven profile image59
    Snowravenposted 10 years ago

    Canada here. smile

  18. JazLive profile image59
    JazLiveposted 10 years ago

    Greetings from:

    Jan - Owner/Publisher

    Internationally connected via USA.

  19. profile image0
    crystal_boothposted 10 years ago

    Oklahoma, USA here! Lived here all my life, but hubby and I are hoping to start traveling soon.

  20. waynet profile image78
    waynetposted 10 years ago

    The area of yorkshire puds apparently in the UK!!

    Just slap a bit of gravy on it hmmm!!


    1. darkside profile image81
      darksideposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Mmmm, love 'em.

      With gravy or... I actually like them with vanilla ice cream.

      Though keeping the gravy as far away from the ice cream as possible.

  21. profile image43
    Emilfposted 10 years ago

    Chicago, Illinois.

    Originally from Romania though wink

  22. exmachina profile image61
    exmachinaposted 10 years ago

    Originally from the Uk but I've spent most of my adult life travelling and living in various countries. France, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Cyprus, Ireland (north and south) I now live in Spain

  23. velvetsgirls profile image52
    velvetsgirlsposted 10 years ago

    USA here

  24. Stacie Naczelnik profile image73
    Stacie Naczelnikposted 10 years ago

    U.S.--Seattle, WA

  25. Chuck profile image92
    Chuckposted 10 years ago

    U.S.A. here.  Specifically, Tucson, Arizona located in the middle of the Sonoran Desert and just up the road from Mexico.