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I don't know how to deal with the page that carries "Assemble your Capsules" in

  1. Nkem Nwosu profile image57
    Nkem Nwosuposted 7 years ago

    I don't know how to deal with the page that carries "Assemble your Capsules" in writing my first...

    hub, can somebody guide me?

  2. BaliMermaid profile image56
    BaliMermaidposted 7 years ago


    That page allows you to pick the sections that your hub / article will be made of. There are many types of modules and you can learn about each of them by using the Hubpage tutorials, by asking other hubbers, or just by trial and error.

    I liked the trial and error method and after I had a basic understanding of how a module either worked or did not work for me I went back to the forums for advice.

    After you have some hubs that do well, or that you particularly like you can chose those in the new hub process to base your next new hub on. That makes assembling the modules easy!

  3. Treasuresofheaven profile image70
    Treasuresofheavenposted 7 years ago

    I am thinking that you have clicked on the button, "start a new hub", and have followed the directions:  selected title; categorized your hub and selected tag words.

    Okay, on your upper right hand side are your capsules, there are many.
    You need to choose the capsules you want to add to your article, example:
    1)  Add Photo - if you are adding a photo select that capsule - then you upload a photo that you have.
    2) Add text - if you want to add more text, select that capsule.

    Okay, in order to insert in the capsule - go to the bottom left hand side of the screen and select "edit", then add what ever you are adding -- a photo, text, amazon products, a poll.

    I hope this helps.
    Happy New Year!

  4. profile image0
    Donna Ferrierposted 7 years ago

    The easiest thing to do is to look at other hubs to see how they're set up. My hubs always include two text capsules (one for the content and one for the copyright notice), one photo capsule, an RSS capsule with my latest hubs in it, a News capsule, and an Amazon capsule. Some of my hubs include a video capsule as well, if there's a video, but not all of them.

  5. someonewhoknows profile image76
    someonewhoknowsposted 7 years ago

    Assembing capsules means text,pictures,videos etc.

    The list of capsules are in the upper right hand corner of the page for you to click on if you need them.They will show up at the bottom of your page.You will have to click on the up or down arrows in order to move the capsules up and down the page.

    After you assemble your capsules and entered your text,photos ,videos links etc.Then you will have to save your work before leaving the page.Otherwise you will lose all your work.