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  1. sunstreeks profile image81
    sunstreeksposted 10 years ago

    There is only so much information you can get out of the hubpages help resource. Generally the best advice someone can get from a website with this sort of platform is from other authors who have already done the trial and error part and share what works best.

    There are quite a few Hubbers who have written quality pieces that give advice on various things such as tips and assistance for making hubs, getting more traffic, monitizing hubs, etc. The only way to find them though is through the search function or amongst other topics within a broad topic catagory.

    For those of us who enjoy reading advice on Hubpages by Hubbers and for newbs to get a better understanding of how hubpages works, would it be possible to create a Hubber Center for HubPages.  I am a former author and I can tell you this sort of thing is VERY helpful and serves its purpose well.

    Forums answer immideate questions, but a resource center is a better archive of advice.
    A place for Hubber Advice on Hubpages for other Hubbers. Either in the topics catagory, or maybe an additional function added to the my account page.


  2. darkside profile image81
    darksideposted 10 years ago

    This is not a collaborative work but I have added other hubs (not just my own) to this collection here:

    The "HubPages History" hubs are interesting reading.