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How to keep my hub score above 75 ?

  1. kevinwang128 profile image39
    kevinwang128posted 7 years ago

    How to keep my hub score above 75 ?

    i have posted everyday and answered in forum....

    my article is about 1000 words and getting good comments, but hubpages decided to lower my score??

    any thing else i missed ??

  2. manhan profile image81
    manhanposted 7 years ago

    Hi kevinwang128 you will get your answer in this link:
    http://learningcenter.hubpages.com/hubs … ber-score/

  3. MoneyCreator24 profile image56
    MoneyCreator24posted 7 years ago

    Hey! Well there are certain things you can do and you should do. It is good to post an article as often as you can in forums and whereever. This finally brings some readers - hopefully. But to increase your scores your page, or in this case your hub need to be valued by the system. And for the system its not enough to have an article postet on forums alone. To increase your hubs score you need to do a little bit more. You will find lots of very helpfull hubs about each part of hubpages. Find them, read them and implement the details.
    Even I have written one article that might help you to reach your goal.

  4. writersden profile image60
    writersdenposted 7 years ago

    Two simple ways:
    1. Link other hub from the hub whose score you want to increase.
    2. Make your hub searchable in search engine. I am composing one article which will tell how to get into top 10 in google search but havn't finished. I will post it for my fellow hubbers. It was a part of my successful experiment.

  5. chasemillis profile image65
    chasemillisposted 6 years ago

    You need at least 3 or so hubs, and your hub score fluctuates, not as much as your individual article hub scores, but it does. It depends on your activity on Hubpages. To get a higher score, diversify your activity. In other words, ask and answer questions, comment on a few forums, and try to post one hub a week (good quality)

  6. Nspeel profile image76
    Nspeelposted 6 years ago

    There are many things that influence the hubscore obviously which I am sure you know that already. So some things I recommend doing that some people forget that play an important role in your hubscore are.

    1. Hop some hubs. This is a great way to meet new writes and also give advice to new writers. You can also help weed out the junk that spammers and small businesses put on that only lead to hurting the hubpages name. This alone often keeps my hubscore at least over 75 by itself. This is because it is reading articles, commenting, following writers I like, getting your name out there, getting you followers, and helps traffic all around for you for everyone else that reads that article, and helps hubpages by flagging, voting up, voting down, exc.

    2. Do not forget you follow people for a reason make sure you keep up with there work. Again, leave comments, give advice, always be kind though.

    3. Look through the 'Answers' section see if you can help someone out. Comment on a question or just post your opinion or advice. Make sure if you have a good question, that some one else might need the answer to as well, then ask it in the same section.

    4. Spend a few minutes or hours as much time as you can learning SEO. I cannot go in depth with this as I am still learning it myself although I can tell you it will be your money maker along with number 1. Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines will be your money makers more than likely not hubpages community.

  7. misslong123 profile image83
    misslong123posted 4 years ago

    If you have several successful hubs, but some are below 75, maybe you should examine them. Their quality could be low. You should check on the "quality checklist." I'm by far no expert, but I have been doing a lot of studying of expert hubbers and on help topics.

    I won't overwhelm you with all I learned, but here are a few things that I am monitoring on my hubs to check their quality. (1) Keyword research (2) SEO Title (3) SEO Summary (4) Good Looking Layout - Visually appealing (5) A variety of capsules (6) Engage your audience (7) Useful, fun to read, comprehensive content - Check the standards for Evergreen, Stellar, Flagship, and Editor's Choice (8) Have an intro and conclusion (9) Perfect spelling and grammar (10) Outshine the competition (11) Marketing: Google adwords, trends, backlinks, promotional blurbs, title tuner, group hubs - Any term (which there are still many I'm learning about) that you do not know much on - search the forums, questions and answers, hubs, and help section for more information.

    I hope that was helpful! ~Michele