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There is a recommendation box on my Hubs that has listed the same two articles f

  1. Sembj profile image79
    Sembjposted 7 years ago

    There is a recommendation box on my Hubs that has listed the same two articles for a long time,...

    further one is in code and looks ugly. How do I make changes to these articles? What's going on here?

  2. agvulpes profile image87
    agvulpesposted 7 years ago

    If it is what I think it is, it is the Facebook widget and it's contents are controlled by HubPages unless you log into your FB account.
    Then it will change :-)

  3. Sembj profile image79
    Sembjposted 7 years ago

    Thanks - I am still at a bit of a loss. I never set an FB account up that had anything to do with HubPages to my knowledge. What seems strange is that one article seems to have been showing in the recommendation box all the time. Further, on some of my pages it is aesthetically unpleasing since it just shows up as code. It's been shared several thousand times and that it is not surprising since it never seems to leave the box. I am sure it is a brilliant article but it has got to the point that it is both a mystery and an irritant. Thanks for helping. If I set up this FB account on HubPages, I might solve my problem.
    It all seems pretty arcane and there must be something in the tutorials, instructions, answers or something for HP but I haven't been able to find it after quite a long time looking on multiple occasions.
    It has bought me further along and might solve the issue but it seems quite technically involved so I'm still wondering if there's either a quick or simple fix still. Thanks again.

  4. Pauladance.co.uk profile image60
    Pauladance.co.ukposted 7 years ago

    I have the same problem.  I have about 50 articles up and all of them have recommendations which do not relate to my subject (I specialise - Ballroom/Latin Dancing.)  I would have thought that readers who are interested in my subj. would be pleased to be directed to articles on the same subj. -  for any one, there are of course 49 others of mine available!  Also others, by other writers, which are suitable. But no, it doesn't work like that.  Some of them are certainly in the same overall category - but very 'overall'!   Belly dancing is always there.  Entirely inappropriate! And stretching 'overall' to a weird extent.  I do hope someone comes up with an explanation and advice.