Another happy news from here

  1. vjlenin profile image59
    vjleninposted 10 years ago

    Well, I was preparing one of those hubs for a posting here, when I got a call from my uncle, the time was night about eleven O clock in India. And the news for which he called was not so fair. My grandma, to whom I was very close, was very seriously ill and was admitted to the hospital .
    I was very worried about her, and went to the hospital two days later with my family. She was actually at a another city.

    She was in  a pretty bad condition and wasnt even recognizing people. So, I was very much gloomy all those days. Then two days ago, we brought her back to our place, and she is getting all right now. She is even walking, eating and drinking.  I dont have words to explain my pleasure at that. I hope she will be all right and will sit and bless when my sister's and my marriage are to take place, in a few years from now.