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What's your favourite topic to hub about?

  1. Anishpat profile image79
    Anishpatposted 6 years ago

    What's your favourite topic to hub about?

  2. ThoughtSandwiches profile image81
    ThoughtSandwichesposted 6 years ago

    Generally I take care of the topics that are burbling through my mental plumbing and need to get out in the order of their burbling-ness.  Conversely...I may want to experiment with a certain style in presentation and the topic will become a secondary consideration as I am more concerned with specific writing conventions.  As such, I will pick a topic that best serves that need. 

    Looking at a couple of these past hubs of mine...i'm not even sure the topic showed up for the interview...so many topics.  OH...i do like puppies, but really..who wouldn't right?  Just Nazis. 

    Hmmm...nope...that's all I got for now.  Hopefully...someone will respond helpfully if this fails the need(s) of your question.

  3. javaoverride profile image59
    javaoverrideposted 6 years ago

    As a gadget guy I really enjoy writing about gadgets and new technology.

  4. Escobana profile image73
    Escobanaposted 6 years ago

    For now I love to write about Bipolar Disorder in a more controversial way than the other Hubs about Bipolar Disorder. It's a hot topic, getting more and more attention since more and more people dare to speak about it and leave insightful comments.

  5. iviskei profile image73
    iviskeiposted 6 years ago


    I love many aspects of Japan - from culture, to entertainment, fashion, language, myths....LOVE IT~

  6. tsmog profile image83
    tsmogposted 6 years ago

    For now I right about what I know about or have a passion for. Like Escobana I write about bipolar disorder. And, I  write about my hubbing experience. I have a file on my pc titled hubbing ideas and it is getting long. My challenge is finding time to write, since there is little of it while maintaining a healthy life style, which sleep is my nemesis. See, there is another hub idea - sleep and writing.

  7. profile image0
    Indigitalposted 6 years ago

    Even though I don't like it to be, mine is Games, Game Guides, Game Reviews and Game Sub-stories. I enjoy blogging about anything, but my expertise is in gaming; it's what I'm good at.

    I would love to divulge into other topics, but I'm no expert at anything else (except bits of Geography) - maybe once I get more into the world (I'm 16) I'll be able to Hub about more interesting topics.

  8. Maralexa profile image83
    Maralexaposted 6 years ago

    One of the best ways I have found to get great ideas for my hubs is to go to Topics.  I find a general topic I like then I choose an area within the topic.  Then I check out the hubs already written on the general or more specific subject.  Then I check out the success of the hubbers who have written on these topics.

    I notice that there are many unique niches missed by others that I can fill with quality advice or thoughts.  I notice you have written a hub on finding creativity. 

    PS:  I think you have be 18 to be writing on HubPages.  Maybe that's a typo in your question.

  9. misslong123 profile image85
    misslong123posted 4 years ago

    If the question is what is my favorite topic to write about I would probably have to say cleaning and organizing. However, I'm so obsessive about the topic that I have spent forever planning my cleaning and organizing hubs that I haven't actually published them. I look forward to writing them, but I want to look over my binder, guides, books, etc - Okay, I'm a little obsessive about it.

    As for what topic is the most successful or makes the most money it would probably be a how-to guide or something on technology. My biggest, highest rated and editor's choice hub is a how-to guide on technology, so I guess I combined the two. I think it's important to find a how-to technology topic that has not been well covered on the Internet though. This can be a challenge.

    Hope this answers the question! ~Michele