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  1. riotgrrrl profile image78
    riotgrrrlposted 10 years ago

    personal relationships / experiences...

    I've been considereing writing a series of autobiographical hubs, i've had a few events in my life which may make interesting reading, especially if it cn help others in similar situations... but would this be regarded as an inappropriate topic? I would obviously use pseudonyms for any characters involved to protecr identity....

    opinions would be welcomed

  2. Lissie profile image77
    Lissieposted 10 years ago

    not if you want to make money. Use yoru profile page to give some context for readers and a bit of your background- but you need to write on subjects that searchers are looking for

  3. riotgrrrl profile image78
    riotgrrrlposted 10 years ago

    I very much appreciate your honest answer.
    Yes looking for money is a part of why i am here, i would be silly to deny it, i'm a very poor student who is currently looking for a job, and figure this can help in the mean time PLUS its a good way for me to keep writing, getting some practise at trying different styles and different topics.

    I may write a 'chapter' of my life and publish it on here for personal cathartic reasons, but my second question is over content and censorship.. i mean how much can i say and how much should i keep quiet for fear of upsettting a minor? :-s

  4. sschilke profile image83
    sschilkeposted 10 years ago


    Lissie has given you some good advice if you joined hubpages to make money.

    If it's not about money, write what ever inspires you to write.  As far as it being inappropriate for this site, I have no clue because I don't know what your experiences are.  I am sure that if you aim is what you say it is "to entertain and help others"  I would advise to be honest but tactful.

    best of luck,


  5. SweetiePie profile image83
    SweetiePieposted 10 years ago

    It depends on the type of the biographical hub also.  I wrote a short story about friendship, which is based on my life experiences, and it actually has monetized well in comparison to some of my how to hubs.  As for writing things that are appropriate for minors, visit the google adsense website guidelines to get a few ideas.

  6. Marisa Wright profile image95
    Marisa Wrightposted 10 years ago

    I think it depends what the personal experience is of (sorry for the bad grammar).

    My Hubs about relationships don't make big money but they do get readers, and I've sold quite a few Amazon books through them - in fact they're the only Hubs I make Amazon sales on!

    1. SweetiePie profile image83
      SweetiePieposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      This has been my experience also.  I never make amazon sales, but the total of two dollars I have made was on a hub about relationships.

  7. riotgrrrl profile image78
    riotgrrrlposted 10 years ago

    thank you for all the advice i appreciate it!

  8. ilovehubbing profile image59
    ilovehubbingposted 10 years ago

    I would say write about relationships if that is what you are interested in you are more likely to write more, the trick is to write about relationship stuff people search for smile

  9. profile image0
    Rainbow Briteposted 10 years ago

    I find it very liberating to be able to write down my feelings and experiences.  I agree that personal stories if you are here for the purpose of making money are probably left out unless it is in the romance category but if you feel the need to write your experiences down I have found that ok cupid is actually a pretty good place to do it.  It sounds weird I know but it's a social networking site, so if it's the fact that people will read and possibly relate to it that makes you want to write about your life on the internet, it is a good possiblity.  There is a girl on there that specifically states in her profile that she does NOT want to meet anyone, she simply uses the site for journal-ish purposes, and she actually has the highest page views, woos, emails, and all that of anyone on there.  Then of course there are places like xanga, myspace, facebook, all the regulars, but yeah try something like that so that you don't step on your own money making toes.  You could always include a link in your hub bio if you want hubbers to go read it.

  10. sassychic profile image61
    sassychicposted 10 years ago

    I feel that if you change the names in the stories and you feel that you can protect the character's then you're olay.
    Be open to whatever people say then after you publish it though.

    anyway good luck and I will look for them in the future!smileyikesbig_smile


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