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Why do my questions keep getting flagged?

  1. Jared Zane Kessie profile image93
    Jared Zane Kessieposted 6 years ago

    Why do my questions keep getting flagged?

    I offered a few questions with yes/no answers (of course with brief descriptions why) and they keep getting flagged for encouraging discussion. I see questions on here that are purely discussion based. Why are mine getting flagged?

  2. wychic profile image90
    wychicposted 6 years ago

    It's sometimes difficult to find the line between "discussion" and "non-discussion" questions. When in doubt, post it in the forums, where discussions are encouraged smile. Here they are really angling for questions that inspire the creation of hubs. Obviously there are still a lot that get short answers, but they're generally designed to provoke a well thought-out and well-rounded answer (think a debate position) as opposed to something that would require some back-and-forth to get a full thought in. I'm not sure how clear that is, but hope it helps a bit.

  3. Seeker7 profile image95
    Seeker7posted 6 years ago


    This happened to me a few weeks ago. I felt that once a question had been flagged as - 'encouraging a discussion' - it seemed like every question I put on afterwards was getting flagged for this. Even although it was obvious by questions were in the main 'yes' and 'no'. So I didn't aks any questions for a few days and then went back and seemed to be okay.

    But it is really irritating! And I agree, the majority of questions on here you can't help but have a discussion about it. In addition, I like the forums, but often youir question will get taken over by a couple of hubbers who then go off track - some even have a private conversation -  and you never really get the response that you want.

    Forums are ok for a long debate and so on, but I think the 'encourages discussion' aspect of the questions is a bit silly and annoying!

  4. Dave Mathews profile image61
    Dave Mathewsposted 6 years ago

    The person at Hub Pages doing this is on an ego trip.

  5. OutsideTheLines profile image60
    OutsideTheLinesposted 6 years ago

    I had the same thing happen to me yesterday and it decreased my hubscore by 15 points. I assume it's just people that get flag-happy.