This question is about generating more traffic to your hubs.

  1. Cyndi10 profile image89
    Cyndi10posted 6 years ago

    This question is about generating more traffic to your hubs.

    I noticed that some of the hubbers post on Can anyone explain how  that works and is it beneficial to generating more traffic to your hub?

  2. Albert C Servin profile image60
    Albert C Servinposted 6 years ago

    Tumblr is a blogging site with some easy to use interface, you create an account there and post a supporting article to your hub also include a link to your hub.

    Tumblr has an option to follow peoples blogs and they get notified when you follow somebody, the thing that you have to do is post on tumblr good content and links to your hub and also already have some traffic or followers to your blog on there.

    The way to do this is you search for people who have blogs on tumblr that are related to what you are hubbing about and follow as many of the as possible and usually they will  follow you back, that is how you get traffic or followers to your tumblr account then from there your posts on tumblr should have a link to hubpages and that how you get traffic from tumblr.
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  3. whoisbid profile image75
    whoisbidposted 6 years ago

    Almost all links on Tumblr are dofollow. On HubPages they are only nodofollow if you do not have a score of over 75 on your Hub Profile.  Even though  Tumblr allows proper links to everyone it has become much higher authority than Hubpages. It is something good that is working for everyone and sharing the love. All internal links in Tumblr are dofollow so if you "like" other people's stuff you will eventually get page rank. It works the same way that Youtube does although Youtube is trying to change by introducing nodofollow for the single external link on the new cosmic panda update. So far we have not seen the update rolled out by Youtube and maybe it is because they are afraid of Tumblr and their success.
    Basically Tumblr is a reward system where you will get more authority for spending time reading and commenting and liking other people's stuff. You will be truly connected to other people (a search engine will see it) There are also many other good things about Tumblr here