Regarding creating a paypal account

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    I am shefiposted 6 years ago

    Regarding creating a paypal account

    Hi hubbers, I wanted to create a paypal account since its necessary for earning revenue. But the website is asking for debit or credit card number. But I don't have one. I am an undergraduate student. I've only a bank account and an ATM card. And also I dont have any PAN number. So what shall I do.? My brother has got PAN number. Can I use his PAN number? Please  help..

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    lovesleftoversposted 6 years ago

    Hmmm...I've never given a debit or credit number. i've only submitted my checking account information. You definitely need that for PayPal. I was under the impression that debit or credit is used when you want to make a purchase, have no money currently in your PayPal acct. and can't wait the 3 or so days for a bank transfer to complete. P.S. Your ATM card should function as a debit card. Hope this helps!