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How huch time do you spend hubbing?

  1. NGRIA Bassett profile image61
    NGRIA Bassettposted 8 years ago

    Help for setting daily hubbing goals for success on Hubpages.

    1. Gemsong profile image74
      Gemsongposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Don't look at me. I'm no help at all. Daily goals?

      Getting up for work is the only goal I can manage. big_smile

  2. visitmaniac profile image59
    visitmaniacposted 8 years ago

    lol Gemsong,
    For me I just come on here when I have some free time and want to write up a hub about it. That or their is a new product I want to push to get ranked on the first page of google. Other then that I spend my time elsewhere. Daily goals? I think just when you have something wroth wild to write about come write. Quality over quantity and learning SEO is whats going to get you ahead of the pack here at hubapages

  3. Gemsong profile image74
    Gemsongposted 8 years ago

    A new goal. Remembering what SEO stands for. People keep telling me and it keeps slipping out of my brain like an old locker combination.

    1. TamCor profile image81
      TamCorposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Oh, I am SO with you there...I can never remember what that stands for...big_smile

  4. profile image0
    rednckwmnposted 8 years ago

    very little

  5. earnestshub profile image89
    earnestshubposted 8 years ago

    At least an hour or two, usually while I'm working online. smile

  6. Dale Mazurek profile image69
    Dale Mazurekposted 8 years ago

    I spend quite a bit of time on HubPages.  However my long term plan requires I spend a lot of time here.

    Well not always here but preparing stuff for here.  HubPages has great potential to be the main focus of a very great stream of income.  Its well worth the time Im spending here.

  7. torimari profile image68
    torimariposted 8 years ago

    I pop in and out. Say something on a thread and poof.

    I prepare for hubs in mind. I have a few ideas, but I really need to be in the writing mood. smile Hence, I only have 5 hubs, hehe.

  8. profile image50
    Major Zonkposted 8 years ago

    ...It's probably common to start out hubbing by posting alot of great blogs because your caught up in the moments of writing.
    You have lots to say & a forum to say it.Eventually you'll hit a wall & have to come to terms with the dreaded 'BLOG FADE' where your substituting quantity over quality.
    Take a break...literally smell the flowers because there will be plenty of time to be the next big thang!!< I am currently trying to do a social commentary blog but I gave it a rest because it was too much whinging.What often starts out as constuctive criticism turns into brain throbbin' madness.Most people should be turned into green biscuits.
    Blog at ya' later,Earthlings!  **Major Zonk**|details: zonkgazette@yahoo.ca

  9. viryabo profile image89
    viryaboposted 8 years ago

    Too Long!