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A Hub that I thought would fare better

  1. nicomp profile image67
    nicompposted 8 years ago

    So I wrote this hub about linoleum floors. It's my only hub about linoleum floors. I thought it was funny and I expected better results, at least in terms of hits. For whatever reason it's only enjoyed 105 visits over 4 months. Only one keyword is in the top 10 search results from Google; at position 3 down from position 1 a few weeks ago. None of the keywords are in any Yahoo top 10s.

    Maybe it's just funny to me? I dunno.

  2. sunforged profile image79
    sunforgedposted 8 years ago

    put some of your keywords into the h2's (titles)

    currently is ovation, history etc.

    try Linoleum Floors: Ovation

    History of Linoleum

    prob the misspelled URl isnt helping and its a surprsingly competitive and high paying keyword - youll need lots of backlinks

    there are 320 searched for the misspelling, you could probably outrank those competitors if you got some anchor texts w/ the misspelling

    1. nicomp profile image67
      nicompposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      1. What's an anchor text?

      2. HubPages won't allow keywords with punctuation, such as
      Linoleum Floors: Ovation
      as you suggested. Unless you know a way around that.

  3. sunforged profile image79
    sunforgedposted 8 years ago

    sure they will, your hub capsule titles are h2 html text

    thats why i used the examples i did, maybe the " :" isnt allowed but that wad a mere example, just be sure to put keywords in those fields and not unrelatd text like "history"

  4. thranax profile image52
    thranaxposted 8 years ago

    Lawl, I have a Hub that didn't even get 100 views in about 8 months. I just posted one that shot over 150 in 4 days, go figure.


    1. profile image0
      Ghost32posted 8 years agoin reply to this

      The only thing I've learned "for certain sure" on this topic is that I'm the world's worst when it comes to predicting performance by a hub prior to its publication.  I find it encouraging, though, that every so often a hub which has languished in the DOVFV (Dungeon Of Very Few Views) for many months will suddenly burst into action. 

      Like you said, Thranax, "Go figure".