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How much do you adore Hub Pages Platform as a writer or blogger?

  1. sandarya profile image60
    sandaryaposted 6 years ago

    How much do you adore Hub Pages Platform as a writer or blogger?


  2. msshandriaball profile image66
    msshandriaballposted 6 years ago

    I think HP is a great environment for new writers .I love the lay out of the hubs .

    hubpages is the best!

  3. AnnNoE profile image60
    AnnNoEposted 6 years ago

    I've really just started, but I enjoy the community atmosphere. It's nice to know you're not out there in a vacuum, trying to reach people who may not be listening.

  4. CZCZCZ profile image83
    CZCZCZposted 6 years ago

    I feel hubpages is a great place to write.  The modules are easy to use and they seem to have developed a platform that is focused on driving revenue for the writers of hubpages and continue to make improvements that help the writers so I will continue to write here at hubpages and create hubs.

  5. Richard Craig profile image76
    Richard Craigposted 6 years ago

    I love HP because it's so easy to get your work out there for people to read.  Since I joined 2 years ago I've noticed that my writing has improved a fair bit.  It's also great to mingle with other writers who'd you'd probably never meet otherwise.

  6. Wesman Todd Shaw profile image97
    Wesman Todd Shawposted 6 years ago

    Well, I'm very fond of it because there are so many different affiliates/revenue streams that we can use.

    To me, so far as web page layout goes in open publishing sites....HP integrates the adverts in a far superior way than other sites do.  Especially noticeable is the way we can use amazon capsules ...I look at Info Barrel, and wonder why they even try with amazon...they aren't set up for that.

    Blogger has improved....but I don't like the Adsense being over in a sidebar.  I want the adsense ads with my text.

    I'm not really fond of the plain white background to everything on Hubpages....but maybe they have a very well thought out reason for that.

  7. Jeannieinabottle profile image91
    Jeannieinabottleposted 6 years ago

    HubPages is my favorite site!  I use some other sites to write articles, blogs, and such, but HubPages is definitely the best.  It looks like a really professional site and it has high standards for writers.  It is also very easy to use and customize.  I love the Hub Hopping feature, too.

  8. Hubpage Gal profile image61
    Hubpage Galposted 6 years ago

    I used to enjoy writing for hubpages until 2000 articles were unpublished even though I had over a half of a million readers.  I wrote mostly about relationships and politics as well as trendy topics found on Google Trends.  I tested the popularity of the topics using Google Insight for Search. 

    I learned all the SEO techniques of linking my work to Digg, Facebook and Twitter.  Then all of my articles got pulled and I started writing for Yahoo Contributor Network. 

    I had been writing for Hubpages for two years and was receving hundreds of dollars for writing.  After the articles got unpublished, I did not get an explanation and began completing surveys and offers on Cashcrate.com and all of the other survey sites online that were linked to that site. 

    Now I am back and chose not to write about relationships because maybe even though the articles had quite a following with myriad of comments, I don't know why all of that hard work went to waste.  I am cautious about what I write and noticed that Hubpages had now connected to PayPal when initially the site only mailed checks from the Google headquarters.

    The earnings is similar to Triond.com now that barely pays and Yahoo Contributor Network that does not pay as well as Hubpages when I initiallyl joined the site two years ago. I work offline more than online because the earnings are not as prevalent.

    Ehow had a meltdown as well joining with Demand Studios and dashed a few articles as a result.  Possibly it is the popularity of the sites that caused a change in the revenue that resulted in less funds and unpublished articles. Revenue sharing is just that, the programmers and engineers got to get paid and the writers are usually a low paid group anyway. 

    But now I do have two Hubpage accounts but the writing is not as passionate because of the possibility of the articles getting unpublished without an explanation. This has been a lengthy response but if submitted most likely the article would get flagged for substandard content because it has less than 1500 words. 

    But even lengthy articles have gotten that message from Hubpages as being substandard which most writing websites would disagree.  Another error message is that that the article does not contain content even though the article has 1500 words.  Those articles are moved to the websites that are now comparable to earnings from Hubpages such as Triond.com or if a trendy topic, Yahoo Contributor Network.