Any SEO Tips in how to promote your HUBS outside HP?

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  1. rob_allen profile image75
    rob_allenposted 9 years ago

    Any SEO Tips in how to promote your HUBS outside HP?

  2. possum lover profile image56
    possum loverposted 9 years ago

    I've had a lot of success in promoting them on Facebook, which in return you get a lot of "Likes" as well.

  3. the clean life profile image81
    the clean lifeposted 9 years ago

    Share on Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Reditt, Stumleupon, and link to your blog or website if you have one.

  4. starstream profile image70
    starstreamposted 9 years ago

    Thanks for the list and reminder about promotion!

  5. Grime Remix profile image60
    Grime Remixposted 9 years ago

    If you have a blog with pages that have high or decent page rank you can backlink to your Hub.  You can also look for other opportunities to generate a backlink to your hub. 

    Make Hub Pages that are keyword optimized for longtail keyword phrases which generate less traffic but rank high in organic search.

    Go to answer and question sites like, Yahoo answers and leave a link to your Hub Page in the sources box. 

    Make a video related to your Hub Page with the same Title, Description, Tags.  Place your Hub Page link in the description box of the video.  Video's tend to rank  well organically.  Make sure there's a call to action within the video instructing people to visit the link in the description box.  You get rank and traffic.

    Article marketing.  Re-write the article in different ways so you can post it to other article sites.  In the add your link section add a link to your Hub Page for the backlink.

    Place free classified ads about the topic of your Hub Page.  This can generate backlinks and traffic to your Hub Page.

    If you have a blog and opt-in form you can add your Hub Page as extra information in your newsletters to generate traffic and increase social sharing opportunities.  This can also boost your organic results.

    I hope this helps in some way and wish you the greatest amount of success.

  6. catfish33 profile image82
    catfish33posted 9 years ago

    I enter my pieces on my facebook page, and the sports stuff goes on a forum I've been a member of for at least a decade.  The sports stuff gets more traffic than anything else.

  7. CloudExplorer profile image80
    CloudExplorerposted 9 years ago

    Try adjusting your title by using the title tuner hubpages provides, especially if your hubs appear to not be gaining much exposure with low ranking or low numbers of views. 

    I have done this multiple times and its helped to increase my percentages recently as soon as I made a better suggested title change.  Also try adding a great deal of relevant tags, that are pertaining directly to your hub's subject matter, if you do this effectively it will help as well in increasing your SEO overall for each hub you release to the public. 

    The search engines look for keywords in the body of your hub as well, so be specific as to what your writing, and be precise with the usage of certain words, check for spelling errors and make sure your hub has great visual content as well. 

    Little do you know, search engines will rank hubs or any web content for that matter, based on its social standing or ranking amongst all others on the web.  This is why its so difficult to get things rolling at first, the longer your content is on the web, the more effective it will become so try to write things that can last all year round and is somewhat universal to many peoples interests. 

    Video usage also helps SEO ranking, because they have the potential to keep viewers on a page for longer periods of time, this will be another factor that the search engines take into consideration as to what gets ranked higher in dealing with SEO.   

    Last but not least, when sharing your hubs socially make sure to write all the corresponding relevant info into the message box to that specific hub, prior to sending the content to friends, family or colleagues (be specific).  This will help to alert the search engines of specific key words that will match, relevant search results once your hub receives eventual page ranking & placement on the respective Search engines such as Google.   

    Here's a great resource hub I created on the subject. … ng-methods

  8. Jester98 profile image59
    Jester98posted 9 years ago

    Another great option is to actually promote your profile page since that links to all your hubs as well. Start to build links to your profile page and become an authority!


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