How do I leave comments for you articles (like the one on Cleaning)?

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    vja4Himposted 6 years ago

    How do I leave comments for you articles (like the one on Cleaning)?

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    Lisa HWposted 6 years ago

    Hi, vja4Him.  I've removed comment boxes from a lot of Hubs.  I leave the comment boxes on the most recent Hubs.  Not that you'd be particularly interested in reading it (and I really don't expect you to, by any means), but I wrote a Hub once on my choice to disable comment boxes. … es-on-Hubs

    If you have a question you can ask the way you've asked here.  (I'd get an e.mail alert to let me know.)  If you didn't like the Hub you can vote it down (of course, I'd prefer that not be the case  smile ).  If you did like it you could vote it up.   

    I don't know which cleaning Hub you mean, but I have one about cleaning on which I shut off the comments long before I ever shut them off the other Hubs.  That one was one I wrote when someone asked the question about whether or not clean freaks have a "personality disorder". 

    I wrote it to point out the simple reality (that psychiatrists would back up) that it's possible for a person to be a clean-freak and have no disorder; but even though, if readers did some research, they'd see that being a clean freak doesn't always mean having OCD, I got so many comments that refused to accept the idea that I was going back and "addressing" points made in comments more often than I really wanted to be doing.  THEN, someone called it "defending myself", and THEN, someone raised the old, "thou dost protest too much" thing.  There was no winning.  I could either let the comments go and stand, or else I could try to point out where they wrong.  It just got tiring, so I shut them off.  (I may have mentally sound and free of disorders when I wrote that particular Hub, but after enough of those comments came in I felt very close to being driven completely "nuts" by them.  LOL  )

    I'm not entirely happy to have no comment box on most of my stuff (and for reasons other than what sent on with that one Hub I mentioned).  It's just that I write in my spare time and have stuff online that's as old as four/five years old sometimes.  So, I've had to trim down comments to the most recent stuff; because I do like to respond to comments people make on my Hubs.  I also appreciate comments and people reading the Hubs.  Aside from what I've put in that Hub I linked to above, it's mostly just the matter of having years-old Hubs and not having the time to appropriately respond to comments.

    By the way, I just saw your message to me under "fan mail" - and I can't tell you how refreshing it is to see that someone actually agrees with me!!   LOL   Thank you.  smile

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    vja4Himposted 6 years ago

    Thanks for your response. I was impressed by your first post in the thread on whether or not people who are super clean are freaks!!!

    My follow-up message to your response was too long to post, so I made a new Hub:

    Where you can read my message .... Please feel free to share with anyone. I would like to see other people change their habits and learn to be more organized, which will actually save time in the long run, allowing more time to do other things, like do a better job cleaning, and spend time doing other stuff (gardening, hobbies, with family, etc.) ....

    -- Jim