What do u do for hub traffic?

  1. cutedoll profile image60
    cutedollposted 8 years ago


       Do you do some extra efforts to get traffic to your hubs? How do people find your hubs? Or you just write the hub and that's it?


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    Janettaposted 8 years ago

    I personally usually just write the hub then let the views come on their own. Typically, those who are your fans will trail in and often comment. That gets your hub in hubtivity which draws more views. It's not a ton of traffic and its all internal, but it's as much effort as I typically make with a hub.

    If there happens to be a hub I want to draw extra traffic to, I tell people about it. I advertise it so to speak on MySpace or FaceBook, email friends about it-that sort of thing.

    As scores rise on the hub itself, it will become more visible within hubpages. Thus drawing more views.