How to create Backlinks properly to increase income.

  1. rodlyalcide profile image73
    rodlyalcideposted 6 years ago

    How to create Backlinks properly to increase income.

    Hey Lissie I was reading your post back when you did the 100 hubs in 30 days challenge. It seemed like you knew well about creating backlinks for more income. Any tips you have for me on how to start creating backlinks for my hubs and for the hubs im writing now?

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    thranaxposted 3 years ago

    The easiest way to create backlinks would be to write a Hub your fans or friends would like and have them share it out of interest on their social media such as facebook, pinterest, and twitter.

    I know many hubbers that tweet their hubs daily, even hourly, to different hastags and @ different people for self promo reasons.

    While harder, many authors also keep their own blogs and have friends who have blogs that they ask involve links in an article or two, or in a link list on the site.

    For example, you write a Hub about Huskeys and how to Train them. Simply go to Becky (your friend) and ask her if she can leave a link in her blog about dogs under the working group article. While it can drive direct traffic to your site it will also increase her sites reputation being linked to such good quality dog content.

    If you dont know Becky, you can always tell your brother, mother, father, boyfriend/girlfriend, co-worker, or farmville friend if they will promote the article for you. I personally have used some gamer buddies for a few of my hubs, and I saw traffic right away (around 400 hit burst in 2 days from posting.)

    Lastly, if they are too lazy to do it do it yourself. Go to their wall and say "Yo check out this Dog Guide!"

    Hope that helps,

    PS: some hubbers are specific topic hubbers that might include your hub link on their hubs, in their tweets, and to their friends!