Hub Survivor Challenge

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    kwaltersposted 8 years ago

    Hub Survivor Challenge

    Two Preliminary Notes:

    First, if the challenge I describe below breaks any Hubber rules, I am unaware of it.  I am new to Hubbers.  If it is against any rules, please let me know, and please accept my apologies.

    Second: if I see any sincere interest in this challenge, before it moves forward, I will check for copyright infringement with the television series Survivor.  Until then, the following is all pending the decision.

    With that complete, this forum entry will describe the game and solicit contestants through your comments.  I doubt many of you will have much interest in my challenge if you do not already know something about the NBC series, so I do not plan a lengthy description.  In short, Survivor is a gameshow in which contestants are voted out by other contestants, until only the winner remains.  The game begins with teams, who later merge for individual play.  Beyond the particular contests placed upon contestants, the meat of the game is in how the gamers play, alliances they make (and break).


    For Hub Survivor, I ask for 16, 18 or 20 players.  If you wish to play, comment clearly that you want to be a contestant.  Also feel free if you have other comments, ideas or suggestions.  If response is fast, there will be 20 players.  If it takes long to get to 16, the number will be terminated there.  If interest is too meager, I will declare a no play, and that will be the end of it.

    When we get to 16, 18 or 20, I will mostly randomly select two equal team.  I will try to separate co-fans, as much as possible.  By the way, when we get to eight contestants, I will contact the NBC series for copyright information, which also could end play.  When gameplay begins, I plan to move from forums to a hub.  Frankly, I am entering this venture with hopes of financial gain, so I plan to solicit advertising, like a typical hub.  Currently, I am uncertain about a winner's prize.  We will see about that later.

    Challenge Rules/Tribe-play:

    On Fridays, I will issue the weeks' contest, which may be a puzzle, an Internet treasure hunt, a race, etc.  I will explain the rules of that contest thoroughly and entertain questions during Friday only.  You will have Saturday and Sunday to complete the contest, most of the time.  On Mondays, I will announce the winner.  That tribe wins the Immunity Necklace, and will not vote off any one of their Tribe-mates.  The losing tribe will face a mini-contest for the Individual Immunity Idol.  This aspect is different from the series and is described below, under "Wrinkles."  The method the tribe chooses to select a member to vote off is up to them.  This forum and the Hub comments are available for discussion, as are countless Internet chat engines where private alliances also can be forged.  On Thursdays, Tribal Council begins.  Unlike the gameshow, votes are not private.  As comments, you must choose a member to vote off.  You will have a time limit.  Failure to vote is a vote for yourself.  You will not be able to vote off someone with the Individual Immunity Idol.

    At some point, during Tribe-play, I may re-align the Tribes, changing your tribe-mates.  I will let you know of re-alignments during the Friday contest announcement.  The aspect is sometimes performed on the gameshow and you will not be advised of a change prior to that time.

    At some point, on a Friday, I will announce the end of Tribe-play.  This action will signify the tribe merger and the beginning of Individual-play.

    Challenge Rules/Individual-play:

    Several changes occur after the tribes merge, and some of these are different from the gameshow.  Obviously, during Individual-play, you will not be working as a tribe, but rather will compete for indivual immunity.  Each week, the difficulty of the contest will grow.  You will play for two, not one, Immunity Idols.  You will vote off two, not one, tribe-mates.  I am imposing the latter of these rules because I do not want the chellenge to last 15 or more weeks, and doubt I will retain interest that long.  When you reach three or four contestants, Individual-play will end.  Otherwise, the basic rules and dates will remain the same as Tribe-play.

    Challenge Rule/The Outcome:

    Different from the gameshow, the very first player voted off will begin the formation of the jury, and each week one or two players will be added.  The jury can communicate among itself and can continue to make comments to the Hub.  When there are three or four players, they will be asked to synopsize why they think they should win on Friday.  On Saturday, I will ask 1-3 members of the jury to ask a question.  The remaining players should answer.  On Sunday, I will ask 1-3 members of the jury to ask a question, and agin the players should answer.  The same process will continu until all jury members have the opportunity to ask a question.  The players will be asked for a closing statement.  Then the jury will vote, again publicly, for a winner.


    Several wrinkles to the gameshow have already been described, such as two idols per week and two eliminations per week during Individual-play.  Mentioned above but not described, during Tribe-play, the losing tribe will face a min-contest.  This will be a short-term race.  I will let everyone know what time I will as the contest question, for instance at 8 o'clock.  You will have one hour to post a correct answer.  The first to post it, wins Individual Immunity during Tribe-play Council.  If no one answers correctly, no one wins and anyone is eligible for elimination.

    Second, I plan for a hidden Immunity Idol.  The question will be very difficult.  I will give a vague clue each week.  When you have the correct answer, email me.  If you are incorrect, you cannot try again that week.  If you are correct, Only you and I will know you have the idol.  I will continue the vague clues even after the Idol is discovered.  When a second e-mailer gives the correct answer, I will replay that the Idol has already been discovered and give a single clue for another hidden Idol.  I will do this only for correct answers.  Several hidden Idols could be in play.  During any vote, you can announce your Hidden Idol.  I would wait until all voting is complete.

    Third, I think other "wrinkles" have been exppained completely.  Ask for clairification in the comments below.

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    Lady_Eposted 8 years ago

    I'm just waiting for the others to join me.

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    kwaltersposted 8 years ago

    Thanks for replying.  I've been waiting too and felt this might be a good idea gone bust.  I hope more hubbers will find it this weekend.  Do you know of a way I can promote the idea, maybe to Hubpages moderators?  At this point, feel free to contact your friends.  I am new here, and have no friends.

    Also, I noticed several small typos in the description.  They aren't that serious and I think ideas are clear.  I do apologize.  I cannot edit the forum as I could a hub.