Do you consider Hub Pages to be more restrictive than other sites as far as con

  1. Joan King profile image71
    Joan Kingposted 5 years ago

    Do you consider  Hub Pages to be more restrictive than other sites as far as content is concerned?

    HP appear to consider any content with the word “sex” or “drugs” taboo?   I once tried to write a very informative hub on  sexual health and before it was published I got all sorts of dire warnings and threats of removal  and no ad revenue, I  decided to move it to another site where it is doing great revenue wise and seen as a very helpful article.

  2. bizwin profile image60
    bizwinposted 5 years ago

    Well, before i write on any site, i always read their requirements first and HubPages has done that on what is expected from all hubbers. HubPages are not restrictive, this is only my personal experience. The only way to know is to write on other sites, compare your experience there with HubPages. Some sites require you to wait as the editors check your work before your article is finally published and then if you make any mistake in grammar, you will be advised to correct them before you resubmit the article to them or in some cases your article will be rejected because of other reasons.
    Check the learning center and read what topics are allowed and what are not. Happy hubbing!