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Do you write your hub in word processor first or directly in the hub?

  1. Learning in Life profile image95
    Learning in Lifeposted 5 years ago

    Do you write your hub in word processor first or directly in the hub?

  2. Rosyel Sawali profile image65
    Rosyel Sawaliposted 5 years ago

    I sometimes write a draft on notepad before transferring it to my hub. I usually do so when I'm still researching. Other times I type directly on my hub when I already have an inkling of what to write. ^_^

  3. DrMark1961 profile image99
    DrMark1961posted 5 years ago

    I would suggest that you write as Word (or some other document program) and then copy and paste to your hub. That way you have saved the material elsewhere, and if HP should ever go down someday you will have your work stored independently.

  4. freecampingaussie profile image61
    freecampingaussieposted 5 years ago

    It might sound crazy but I find I need to write it into the hub as I tried the other way & it just didn't feel right for me .
    You are probably best to do it the other way though .

  5. Goody5 profile image72
    Goody5posted 5 years ago

    I normally write them directly in the hub.

  6. somethgblue profile image86
    somethgblueposted 5 years ago

    Directly in the Hub as it is set up perfectly for it, after all you publish when it is ready and you can always go back and edit at anytime.

    I usually spend about a week or less working on one so that the moderators can review it as it goes. This will give you about ten to twenty page views before you publish.

    It also allows you to research, research, research your article and tweak to your liking.

  7. StephanieBCrosby profile image86
    StephanieBCrosbyposted 5 years ago

    I actually do a combination. When I first started writing on HP, I always typed the whole article in Word first and then copied and pasted. Now I type some text directly in the hub, but then when I want to edit and all, I make sure I have copied what I have completed into a Word document and continue typing. If it is a really short article and I already know what I want to say, then I will type the whole thing directly in the hub. Then I will copy and paste it all into a Word document so I can save for future changes.

  8. My Esoteric profile image91
    My Esotericposted 5 years ago

    I type directly into HP but think I should use Word first for a couple-three reasons.  One is easier, I find it very confining writing in the space provided.  Two is the spelling and grammer checker of Word, although I think HP's spell checker is superior.  Third, I would be able to use a third party, more sophisticated grammer checker I have available.

    I also like the idea another commenter had, you have a back-up of your work, besides, if you use a lot of breaks, like I do, it is a real pain to copy and paste from HP to Word.

  9. yougotme profile image89
    yougotmeposted 5 years ago

    I prefer writing it on the hub editor since I can preview it from time to time. In this way, I would keep track if my hub will still be visually appealing.

    Also, I tend to get more inspired when I write on the editor itself. I don't know why, though.

    However, there are times when I feel like writing on a piece of paper, and then type them down in the hub editor. smile

  10. bdegiulio profile image100
    bdegiulioposted 5 years ago

    I write all of my Hubs in MS Word and then copy and paste them into the text capsules.  I just find that it's easier to write and edit in word and it also gives me a copy of the text that is saved somewhere other than HubPages.

  11. Efficient Admin profile image93
    Efficient Adminposted 5 years ago

    I like to write the hub using Word and when it is ready to publish I copy and paste the content into the text capsule(s).  I like doing it this way because it seems to help me gather my thoughts and research much better.  However after the hub is published I always make edits in the hub itself.  Another poster mentioned they then copy the edited text in the hub back into Word. I think that is a great idea except I am very bad at doing just that.

  12. NateB11 profile image92
    NateB11posted 5 years ago

    Most of the time I write in a Word document first; it seems easier to edit this way, plus I often get it written first and then have other things to do for the hub, like pictures to take; so, I'll keep it on a word document for awhile sometimes, arrange to have pictures taken, go out and take the pictures, then transfer the text to the hub, add the photos in the right spots, add links that I have bookmarked by then, etc. In the end, it makes it easier to just transfer over the finished product. I think a couple times I wrote directly into the hub, but it was something I felt I could do spontaneously, so I just went right into the hub to write it.

  13. Millionaire Tips profile image93
    Millionaire Tipsposted 5 years ago

    I do it straight on HubPages first.  That way, I can see the layout, length, etc. 

    I press done editing, then I copy and paste the whole hub (pictures and all) into Word and do a spell check and grammar check, and make corrections on both copies. That way, I have a backup, and the spelling and grammar have been checked.

    When I do it the other way, it is too cumbersome for me to take it piecemeal back the other way, set up capsules, etc.  Plus Word isn't really compatible with HubPages, so I would have to delete extra spaces, etc.

    Sometimes it even increases the score of the hub, since it has views, and time before it is even published.

  14. StandingJaguar profile image78
    StandingJaguarposted 5 years ago

    I generally write it in the Hub editor. When I first started here I wrote on Word and transferred it, but I haven't been doing that lately. It's a pain with the breaks (back & forth, etc), plus I make too many edits to it afterwards for the Word copy to be of much value. I also like to see how it looks with the layout and where I can best put a photo, break, video, whatever. Besides, if I wrote in Word, I'd probably end up writing essays... lol. I'm not very good at the "short" articles.

    I should figure out some way to save my articles once they been given a few published days and most edits are done... but I haven't yet. Screen shots might be a lazy way...?