What are some tips of getting out of a speeding or parking ticket?

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  1. cuttler profile image59
    cuttlerposted 11 years ago

    What are some tips of getting out of a speeding or parking ticket?


  2. petenali profile image80
    petenaliposted 11 years ago

    As an ex-cop, always, always, always be polite to the officer.  If you start giving him some lip, you will get a ticket for sure.  Remember that although you got caught this time, there are plenty of other times when you have been speeding and got away with it.  So, my suggestion?  Suck it up, and accept the ticket.
    Now, that being said, if you do get a ticket that means demerit points that could cause your insurance rates to increase, I suggest you fight it with every fibre in your body to get it reduced.  I recently used X-Copper here in Canada and they got my 3 point ticket for $270 reduced to $60 and no points.

    1. petenali profile image80
      petenaliposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      I have a friend who will cry, stomp off down the street saying, "I just broke up with my girlfriend officer.  I shouldn't be driving at all!"  He's over 300lbs so it's quite the sight, but it has worked for him.  Sad but true...

    2. cuttler profile image59
      cuttlerposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      I can see from other comments that politeness and owning up to the mistake is the consensus.In the end, cops are human beings who may understand our predicament and even if they dont we have only ourselves to blame for breaking the law.

  3. profile image0
    JThomp42posted 11 years ago

    Be as courteous and polite with the officer, call him/ her sir or mam. Never question their authority. In other words, kiss their rear ends.

    1. cuttler profile image59
      cuttlerposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Hahaha...anything to get out of that ticket...LOL

  4. KellyG05030 profile image71
    KellyG05030posted 11 years ago

    As the wife of a police officer, I tell you with the utmost sincerity that in most cases, the nicer you are the better you'll make out in the end.  I also agree with a previous post here - always, always, always elect to go to court if you do get the ticket.  If you're respectful and nice to the officer, he may even help you there.  The judge can reduce your fine and sometimes issue no points at all.  I should tell you to watch your speed and don't park where you're not supposed to, but that takes away a bit of our job security here, doesn't it?!  : )

    1. cuttler profile image59
      cuttlerposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      hahaha..it sure does take away the sense of job security. As for being courteous, i agree that it works...courtesy plays n it goes a long way. Once got out of a littering charge by apologizing to the officer and he let me go.

  5. ytsenoh profile image60
    ytsenohposted 11 years ago

    Cuttler, I do not know where you reside, but in some counties you can pay double the fine to have your ticket reduced to a non-moving violation which would also keep it off your driving record.

  6. Neinahpets profile image81
    Neinahpetsposted 11 years ago

    If you already have a ticket, the one I always hear is when you go to the court ask if the officer has their license for handling the thing they detect your speed with.   I have known people who have asked that and gotten out of the ticket because the officer did not have their license with them so the argument was "how can they know what they are doing if they can't prove they are licensed?" -- and it worked crazy enough. Other than that, you have to pay the piper.

    If you have not been given a ticket yet... a lot of politeness, and common courtesy goes a long way.

    1. cuttler profile image59
      cuttlerposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Wow..does this truly work? What a great way to get out of the ticket. Using the system to fight the system. I like. Thanks for this great tip

    2. Neinahpets profile image81
      Neinahpetsposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Never needed to use it myself, but I know someone who says it did.  You're very welcome!

  7. BLACKANDGOLDJACK profile image74
    BLACKANDGOLDJACKposted 11 years ago

    I got out of one speeding ticket because I used the excuse that my mother was dying. She was, though, or it wouldn’t have worked. My sister called me in Pennsylvania from Florida and said my mother who had cancer was not going to last much longer. I immediately got in my vehicle and made the 20 hour drive in less than 18. In Florida and not far from my destination, I was going through a small town and the limit abruptly changed from 50 to 35. Right, a speed trap, and I got pulled over. The cop asked me why I was going so fast, and I replied that my mother was dying and I wanted to get there before she did. He gave me the ticket but said if I could prove that he would void the ticket. My mother passed away about 8 hours after I got there, and she was conscious during some of that time so we did have an opportunity to say goodbye. True to his word, the cop voided the ticket.

    And on the subject of speeding tickets and auto insurance, a little over a year ago I was shopping around and saved $2,000. I should be on one of those commercials. With the company I switched to, if you have 2 tickets or 1 ticket 20 mph over, you are not eligible for the best rate. My daughter had a ticket 19 mph over (another speed trap I had warned her about). Was I lucky or what. So not only can you be surcharged for tickets on your current auto policy, it can jeopardize your chances of getting cheaper insurance when you want to switch companies.

    And cuttler, you could always try wearing a short skirt and a tight tank top. That didn’t work for my daughter though. And saying you are hurrying home to unplug your septic system didn’t work for me, although it was true.

    1. cuttler profile image59
      cuttlerposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Sorry bout your mom..mini skirt n tight tanks??? LOL...i dont think the cop will appreciate my hairy legs and chest..hahaha

  8. jennshealthstore profile image80
    jennshealthstoreposted 11 years ago

    Don't lie or make excuses. This may or may not get you out of a ticket, but trying to make up excuses or lying will definitely not help. Be apologetic and next time don't speed lol!!

    1. cuttler profile image59
      cuttlerposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Well that depends. There are some experts at lying and creating fake stories out there. As for me, am the worst when it comes to excuses and lying, so going for the truth and apologizing just might work for me.

  9. uzzell4me profile image59
    uzzell4meposted 11 years ago

    My parents live in the desert down a long dirt road. Even though, there is a 25 mph sign posted because technically between 5 houses on 10 acre parcels, it is a residential zone. I had all the kids in the car, 5 to be exact. I was dropping them off at my parent's house because I had an appointment. I was late, so I was speeding. As one single car approached, I paid no attention to it. I didn't realize it was a Sheriff until he was right on me, and subsequently pulled me over. I was stressed out from the kids yelling and the late appointment I broke down and started crying. The Sheriff let me go. I wouldn't use this technique too often. Now when I see the same Sheriff he just smiles and waves, I have become the crazy person. hehehehe

    1. cuttler profile image59
      cuttlerposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Hahahaha...this really tickled me. The sheriff would have to be a cruel guy to take you in under such circumstances. Pity I aint got kids but this is a definite motivation smile

  10. Kathryn Stratford profile image90
    Kathryn Stratfordposted 11 years ago

    Where I live, if you go to court you can legitimately have the amount of money and points cut down drastically. You would still have to pay some, but not as much.


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