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How many hubs in a group?

  1. helenathegreat profile image86
    helenathegreatposted 9 years ago

    Now that I'm starting to have a larger amount of hubs (though obviously nowhere near the amount of some of the more prolific hubbers!), I'm figuring out ways to manage them best (for myself and for readers)...

    How many hubs do you usually have in a group?  Do you keep it down to a manageable first-time-reader-can-click-through?  Or do you have general group names like "Love" or "Life" that encompass a LOT of hubs?

  2. Hovalis profile image85
    Hovalisposted 9 years ago

    I've been grouping mine according to either the subject matter or the type of hub it is.
    eg some of my groups

    Book Reviews
    General Life
    Other Reviews

    I have a few others besides that, but what I'm really trying to do is group like with like. It seems to work out okay. If I get more than one hub on a subject and I want to change the groups around it's not too hard to do, so it's not fixed in stone.

  3. Inspirepub profile image79
    Inspirepubposted 9 years ago

    My observations of reader behavior suggest that rolling through all the Hubs in a group is a very rare pattern. My average visitor reads 2-4 pages, even if they start from the first Hub in my largest group, which has a dozen or more Hubs in it.

    I would arrange the groups for your own benefit, mainly, but if you go with the mega-group idea, give some thought to the order of the Hubs within a group, so that the next Hub along is always related, and therefore something potentially of interest.

    You don't have to display the group name, either, so you can call them silly things if it helps you to keep straight in your head where they all fit.


  4. helenathegreat profile image86
    helenathegreatposted 9 years ago

    Thanks guys.  Yes, Jenny, I'm always careful to make sure that the hubs who are next to each other are as related as possible.  It seems like that's most important.

  5. Whitney05 profile image84
    Whitney05posted 9 years ago

    I like the group tool, but I'm not really sure how much use it really gets from people from search engine traffic, so with some of my hubs, I add links to related hubs.

    For my rat hubs, I make sure to add links for new rat hubs that I write because they may be of interest and easier to notice versus the small links in the group section. Plus, in the link section, youn add a short description. Anyway, just my 2 cents. I use the group tool for my own benefit, but for the benefit of readers, I use a link box to post links.

    But, of course that isn't the option for all groups. I wouldn't link all of my dog breed hubs together, as one searching for rottweilers probably isn't interested in yorkies.