What to Expect From Amazon Earnings

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    erinshelbyposted 4 years ago

    What to Expect From Amazon Earnings

    Hello Everyone,
    After joining the Amazon program and placing relevant Amazon capsules in each hub, what should one expect? How long does it take for traffic to show on the Amazon report? How long does it take for the first earnings to happen, and what's a realistic amount to expect? Is it more or less lucrative than the HubPages ad program?
    Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences!

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    EricDockettposted 4 years ago

    Amazon reports are updated daily, usually by noon EST.  Sometimes they lag for a few days, but not often.  You'll see your total clicks and sales (if any) and have a bunch of options for sorting out different reports.  If you have activity today, you'll see it in your reports tomorrow. 

    You can potentially make a lot more with Amazon that you will with the HP ad program, but you can't just slap Amazon ads on your Hub and expect to sell.  That doesn't work.  It takes a bit of effort to figure out how to use the Amazon module correctly, and how to write Hubs that sell products.  You need to post highly relevant products, and you need to write on topics you know a lot about so you can make good recommendations to the reader.   

    Stay focused on finding the best products for your readers, do a lot of research, don't be spammy and you can do very well with Amazon here. Good luck! $$$