Does anyone else feel that Squidoo, compared to Hubpages feels a bit outdated an

  1. SpaceShanty profile image97
    SpaceShantyposted 4 years ago

    Does anyone else feel that Squidoo, compared to Hubpages feels a bit outdated and gimmicky?

    I have only been here for a few months (Squidoo for years) and really like it here, things just seem to 'work' better.  Hubs look more professional and I love the forums, if I have a problem or need an answer I can get help from another Hubber and even sometimes get a reply from a HP staff member, on Squidoo you can feel like your on your own and if you get stuck, well TS!

    The points and trophies on Squidoo make me feel like a child getting a gold star for being good rather than a writer whose work is appreciated.

    Keep up the good work HP!

  2. NateB11 profile image94
    NateB11posted 4 years ago

    I've always preferred HubPages over Squidoo. I just couldn't get used to Squidoo. Like you said, Hubs look professional. I totally agree. That's why I've written almost all of my material here; the look. I can't take the flashy, loud, busy look of Squidoo. And I wasn't fond of their tier system, though I understand why they use it; I assume it's to keep up quality. I have one featured lens there and never use the site. You're also correct about the community; you can almost always get help here. Some of the help I've gotten has been invaluable to me. Also, I think the interface here is user-friendly, it's really easy for me to make a Hub. With the templates, even easier. It does just all-around seem more mature here at HP.

  3. BobbySD profile image83
    BobbySDposted 4 years ago

    The writer support is terrible on Squidoo and it doesn't look professional at all. I like HP much more.