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Hub numbers

  1. Harvey Stelman profile image60
    Harvey Stelmanposted 8 years ago

    I have a few Hubs that have been rated as high as 87. I receive many more hits and the number goes down to 82, why? My rating may also go up and down on the same day, while I do nothing?

  2. relache profile image87
    relacheposted 8 years ago

    A variety of factors go into HubScores.  You're never going to be able to pin them down, it's been designed that way.


    1. Harvey Stelman profile image60
      Harvey Stelmanposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks so much. This is so self defeating. Lately I've gotten 300-600 hits a day. Each Hub score has increased. Today I got 300 hits and almost 20 comments on a Hub. The Hub score went down seven points and my score went down 2 points.  This isn't fair!

  3. habee profile image93
    habeeposted 8 years ago

    Hi, Harv. When you stop worrying about your hubscore and forget about it, you'll be surprised to find it at 100 - at least, that's what happened to me. Of course, it went down just as quickly...then shot back up...then went back down. It's a veritable roller coaster ride of numbers.

  4. flread45 profile image78
    flread45posted 8 years ago

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