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Has anybody had success with Amazon's affiliate sales? Tend to teach me a thing

  1. bodyathletics profile image89
    bodyathleticsposted 4 years ago

    Has anybody had success with Amazon's affiliate sales?  Tend to teach me a thing or two?

    Hey all,

    So as a college student and writer I'm always looking for ways to better express myself as well as make a little pocket change. 

    I've had some success (but very little) in using Amazon's affiliate sales through HubPages.  Is there anyone out there that earns a significant percentage or over say...$100 a month via Amazon?

    No need to give your numbers, I just want some usable advice as to how I can utilize my own knowledge for Amazon.


  2. Susana S profile image97
    Susana Sposted 4 years ago

    Yep! I do well with amazon. I have a hub on my carousel detailing my earnings plus loads of advice on how you can achieve the same.

  3. Nimesh De Silva profile image73
    Nimesh De Silvaposted 4 years ago

    I have been stuck in the same pit with Amazon affiliates. But let me tell you it is all a numbers game.

    If you check my profile you may see that almost all my hubs are accompanied with relevant amazon affiliate links. I was writing for a few months on HubPages without getting almost nothing to no success at all. Recently I hit 50 hubs and due to maturity of some old hubs they began to really attract some good daily traffic. And all of a sudden I saw an rise in Amazon affiliate clicks and sales.

    I was making nothing. So 14 sales (last month) and 6 (this month, so far) are pretty decent figures for me. But these are all small value sales, so the revenue is small as well.

    So let me explain the numbers game. Keep writing hubs. As they mature, they will attract more daily hits. Make sure all your hubs are featured and well over 'quality' requirements. This will generate a substantial traffic flow, which will EVENTUALLY convert to sales. My conversion ratio is always below 2%, so you can imagine how many clicks it would take to make a sale. And based on your daily traffic stats you can decide how many clicks that amount of traffic generates. Based on these numbers you can derive at an approximate figure as to what your traffic level should be to earn $100 per month.

    The target is definitely achievable. It all boils down to the effort you can put in and managing the numbers right. 

    I have a hub on Amazon affiliates if you want to check it out.

  4. lovebuglena profile image88
    lovebuglenaposted 4 years ago

    I've had plenty of Amazon sales but because the items bought were not highly priced I didn't earn enough to reach the minimum yet, but I am close. Some were even priced at a penny so of course I earned $0 for that.

    I learned that you can have many low priced sales and may end up making less money than you would with only a few higher priced items being sold. So, it's not really about how many products you sell but how expensive they are. Perhaps it is a good idea to include some items in hubs that are a bit higher in price (so long as they fit the hub content of course). Also, include a description for each item in the Amazon capsules so it doesn't look like those items were automatically generated. People are more likely to buy a product that has a description under it rather than one without it.

    Also, you may write a great hub related to a popular item on Amazon (or any item for that matter) and then include an Amazon link to it (via the amazon capsule) and no one will buy it anyway. You really have no control over that. Besides, people read hubs not to buy things from Amazon. They read them for enjoyment and to educate themselves too. And if they want to buy something from Amazon most likely they won't bother clicking on your product links and will just open a new tab in the browser and go to Amazon directly. That is the sad truth.

  5. Glenn Stok profile image98
    Glenn Stokposted 4 years ago

    I do quite well with Amazon sales. One of the important things I’ve learned from trial and error is not to overdo it.

    Keep it simple.  Position a single Amazon capsule alongside the text that’s related to it. Specify a single Amazon product that relates well with the text of your article.

    If more than one product relates, then use a different capsule for that one (this is required per the latest rules) and write enough text to go with it. You need at least 50 words of text per product (based on rules). But I push that up much much more.

    Lastly, remove Amazon capsules that are not working. I found this helps the remaining capsules succeed even better. Less is more, so to say.

    Of course, you need to give it time. But after a few months, review your results and make appropriate changes.