Unpublished hubs - what has been your experience?

  1. ALL4JESUS profile image77
    ALL4JESUSposted 4 years ago

    Unpublished hubs - what has been your experience?

    Yesterday I took control and ownership of my hubs and un-published the ones that were marked as substandard. Today I continued to work on my hubs and what a major surprise, my earnings jumped! I didn't do this for the earnings but for the traffic. Traffic and earnings apparently go together. Praise God.
    I plan on continuing to update the hubs and follow the HP guidelines. What are your experiences?

  2. Diana Lee profile image83
    Diana Leeposted 4 years ago

    I'm glad this approach is working for you.  I have done similar things with mine in the past and I have many I should update or get rid of now.  Although it really did not do much for my traffic.  Apparently I still need to figure this part out as to ever earning much of anything on this site.  I mainly write here for the practice and exposure, which any is better than none. It would be nice to get paid for it. I'm happy for anyone who does. Good luck.