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Why There is so little traffic from Russia and China on my Hubs compared to othe

  1. pedagog profile image82
    pedagogposted 3 years ago

    Why There is so little traffic from Russia and China on my Hubs compared to other countries?

    Even though Russia and China are among Developed and powerful nations, there are only 16 to 25 total views on my hubs compared to more than 2000 views from US, and more surprisingly even some underdeveloped countries have more views than Russia and China.

  2. goodnews11 profile image90
    goodnews11posted 3 years ago

    The Chinese and the Russians are poor in english. I think this may be the reason why they are not active in hubpages.

  3. Rain Defence profile image92
    Rain Defenceposted 3 years ago

    They generally speak Russian and Chinese in those countries. Have you written your hubs in those languages?

  4. Chinaimport profile image89
    Chinaimportposted 3 years ago

    Major search engines (google/bing) give out relevant pages based on key words in the search query.  Most Russians use Russian language key words and Chinese use Mandarine (standard Chinese) in their searches.  These search engines prefer to give out relevant pages in the language used in the key words.  Pages written in other languages generally rank lower in local searches.

    Hubpages accepts submission in English language so web traffic is mostly coming from English speaking countries.  It is possible to get traffic from Russia/China if your hubs are written about topics related to these countries, for example - travel guide to Moscow or Chinese culture.  Another way is to manually submit your hubs for indexing to Yandex (Major Russian search engine) or Baidu (Chinese search engine).