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Hubteam! Please Help Me!

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    thosmiposted 10 years ago

    Since the last time my flagged hub got published, I haven't edited it, but it still keeps getting flagged and unpublished.

    Can anyone from hubteam solve this problem plz?

  2. relache profile image87
    relacheposted 10 years ago

    If you hub was unpublished by HubPages admin, they would have sent you an email saying why.  If you haven't made any of the requested changes, the Hub will stay unpublished.  You need to fix it, then email them directly and ask them to review it.

  3. pauldeeds profile image
    pauldeedsposted 10 years ago

    You might also want to review the guidelines from the FAQ at the link below.  I don't know what the particular problem was with your hubs.  If you have already fixed them and submitted them for review, you'll just have to be patient and wait for us to work through the queue.  Frankly, we don't have that much sympathy for people that violate the rules.


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    thosmiposted 10 years ago

    Thanks for your replies,

    @ Paul

    The hub I meant in my earlier post was http://hubpages.com/hub/Free-PSP-Games-Download . The last time it was flagged because of being "overly promotional", I made the necessary changes to get it published and it cleared. As I said above, since then, I didn't change it at all, but it got flagged again...

    By the way, it has only one external link, and all of my other hubs are unpublished now, so altogether I have only one external link in my entire account. So i don't know which rule I'm violating:

    From Hubpages FAQ:

       In particular, the following actions are likely to get your hubs flagged:

        *  linking repeatedly to the same site within a hub or across many hubs
        * including links to a page that contains largely the same content as your hub
        * linking to products or services unrelated to a Hub's content"

    I submitted it again for reviewing...

    Thanks again smile