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What do you think impacts hubber score?

  1. Ricki-Lee Keeley profile image82
    Ricki-Lee Keeleyposted 19 months ago

    What do you think impacts hubber score?

    Usually located near the author's profile image is the hubber score. Different from the individual hub score. With that distinction clear, what do you believe impacts the hubber score?

  2. Alessio Ganci profile image69
    Alessio Ganciposted 19 months ago

    I think they are all internal metrics that do not have particular impact, it is just for you!
    The same for individual hub score: I have hubs with "59" score that are generating much traffic and others with "71" that get just 1 visit a day

  3. tsmog profile image83
    tsmogposted 19 months ago

    Offered is to peek at the Learning Center HubPages criteria list. A suggestion is to consider importance is greater with the first listed because it is an algorithm computing it. The score will float, yet my observance shares after the initial Hub Score the others are key to its change. Remember as HubScore average changes, so will Hubber Score since they are interrelated.   

    For Hubber & HubScore see: https://hubpageshelp.com/features/Learn … d_13970188

    However, of importance is to know HubScore is transitioning with importance on quality. So, at that link take a peek at there link to "Quality Assessment Process" and perhaps read what they consider a Stellar Hub at https://hubpageshelp.com/content/Learni … tellar-Hub

  4. Ken Burgess profile image90
    Ken Burgessposted 19 months ago

    A combination of things I would imagine... Q&As, Hubs, answers to Q&As and Hubs, diversity of one's participation in various topics, amount of followers, etc.

    I have never been curious enough to ferret out the actual details of how it is currently being calculated.  But I will follow this in the hopes that eventually it will be revealed.