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  • How To Spend Less Time Cleaning

    How To Spend Less Time Cleaning

    4 years ago

    Cleaning is a necessary, unavoidable, mundane and ever still unappreciated part of life. So here are some tips and tricks to feel less like your always starting from square one once finished. Pointedly; Create less to clean, Multitask, and Outsource jobs.

  • First Time Having Acrylic Nails

    First Time Having Acrylic Nails

    4 years ago

    As a chronic nail biter, I've never had long nails! So as a special treat for my 23rd Birthday I decided to spoil myself and splurged on a manicure, pedicure, and acrylic nails. This is the story of my initial impressions and subsequent experiences. I'd have to say I accustomised to the luxury fast.

  • UpCycling Explained with Examples

    UpCycling Explained with Examples

    4 years ago

    With so many ways to UpCycle this article looks at those different ways while providing examples so you can give it a go yourself! Wether you're reusing rubbish, turning trash into treasure, transforming something new, or starting with something blank, there's a style of UpCycling for everyone!

  • Cheesy Bacon Garlic Bread

    Cheesy Bacon Garlic Bread

    6 years ago

    This article describes a quick and easy way to make cheesy bacon garlic bread from scratch. Quick and expanded instructions are available. Sure to be a crowd pleaser all year round.

  • 1

    Starting a Short Story

    6 years ago

    This article explores how to start writing a short story. Specifically, initial components involved such as Character Development and The Situation are explained and explored.

  • Enhance Your Intellectual Performance

    Enhance Your Intellectual Performance

    7 years ago

    This article looks at ways to enhance Intellectual Performance. Methods are; scheduling, reading comprehension, learning aids, distributed practice, active engagement, and mnemonics devices are viewed

  • 3 Ingredient Pancakes

    3 Ingredient Pancakes

    4 years ago

    Article explains how to make flat or fluffy pancakes that are crisp or moist and in a number of variations including chocolate, fruit and cream, and spice. Passionate perfect to perfection pancakes.

  • Find Your Writing Style: To Deal With Life Stress

    Find Your Writing Style: To Deal With Life Stress

    7 years ago

    This article explores different writing styles and how to use them to reduce your life stress. Aspects include Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Personal Writing. Application and Benefits are also Discussed.

  • Benefits of Writing for HubPages

    Benefits of Writing for HubPages

    7 years ago

    My personal top 3 favourite advantages of writing for hub pages. Hubscore, community and diversity. How the things already in place are so much more exciting than they seem.

  • Defining Creativity: Find Your Creative Side

    Defining Creativity: Find Your Creative Side

    7 years ago

    Understand creativity, origins of, diversity of definition and modern views in society. Discover once and for all if you are creative and the many possible ways you could be.

  • Balancing Life and Study

    Balancing Life and Study

    6 years ago

    This article looks at some things that should be considered when trying to balance study and live enjoyment. Proper planning, Motivation management, & Perceptual realignment are some topics explored.

  • 3 Steps to Not Hate Cleaning!

    3 Steps to Not Hate Cleaning!

    4 years ago

    This article outlines three small adjustments you can make to your existing routine to not only get your house clean! but keep it that way. And also never have to notice you are cleaning, ever again!

  • Optical Illusions

    Optical Illusions

    7 years ago

    Brief Introduction to Form Perception, Feature Analysis, Gestalt Principles, Perceptual Hypothesis, Depth and Distance Perception, and Visual Illusions. Describing an example is used for application.

  • Overview of Iron Deficiency Anaemia

    Overview of Iron Deficiency Anaemia

    7 years ago

    A brief summary of symptoms, causes, current issues, support and managment.

  • Expectations in a Modern Family

    Expectations in a Modern Family

    7 years ago

    The purpose of this article is to take a serious look at the achievability of modern families to have dinner as a family. And how those standards are the perceived expectations of society / community.


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