Help need serious help on hubber score

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  1. Appletreedeals profile image68
    Appletreedealsposted 14 years ago

    I am really puzzled. My hubber score has dropped again, down to 70.

    here's what I have done to try to get it up.

    1. added more hubs, I have 14 now

    2. tried to make them quality hubs - not self-promo like before

    3. last 6 are amazon hubs with only a link to my hub profile,or to other hubpages, no outbound self-promo links at all, and they do have content and pics with the amazon modules

    4. participated in the forums

    5. visited and comment on other's hubs

    6. joined as fans to others

    7. no adult language or content or pics

    8. Read the how-to write good hubs hubs

    9. read the Hubpages help screens related to score

    10. read darksides hubber score hub

    I don't see anything obvious I'm doing wrong. I think I can modestly say they are at least good, if not very good hubs.

    getting positive hub comments from visitors

    and my score drops 7 points in one day and makes me nofollow!

    Geez! what else can I do?

    What appreciate team or experienced hubber advice please.

    Thanks, in advance, I hope.

  2. Luciendasky profile image60
    Luciendaskyposted 14 years ago

    I heard once that adding a lot of fans at once can lower your score and I tried it and it lowered mine. You said you were adding fans? You may be adding too many. I try to limit myself to 3-4 a week.

  3. lrohner profile image68
    lrohnerposted 14 years ago

    Don't know why, ATD. Seriously. Try going into the Questions section and answering a few questions. If that doesn't raise your score, let me know. Then there's something else at play here.

  4. yoshi97 profile image58
    yoshi97posted 14 years ago

    Fanning a lot of people lower your hubscore. We just had a member here recently with a hubscore of 2 who removed all but a few of the people she fanned and then she shot right up the ladder.

    Unfan some of the people you fanned and you should see your score go back up. smile

    1. LVM profile image58
      LVMposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Are you talking about me?

  5. profile image66
    Michael Achillesposted 14 years ago

    Personally, I wouldn't worry about it. Worrying to much about the hub score may be hazardous to your health. I've had to hire a psychiatrist to help me sort it all out. Just kidding. True fans are well earned and need not be fanned.

    1. Appletreedeals profile image68
      Appletreedealsposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks all, and Michael... it's not the hub score I'm worried about, it's my hubber's score which impacts earning potential here.

      looking to make a go of it here, but I want my efforts to build towards a rewarding return for that effort

  6. Dale Mazurek profile image61
    Dale Mazurekposted 14 years ago

    Hey dude

    Well I just went and looked at several of your hubs and I will tell you what messes me up a bit.  It doesnt mean its wrong but first of all you are bolding too much and keyword stuffing a little too much.

    You know Google really doesnt need the bold and your keywords really only need to be in there 3 or 4 times.

    The other thing is I feel you are using way too many amazon capsules.  To me it just isnt appealing.

    I have no clue if this is affecting your scores but I think you have great potential and as long as you keep writing everything will work out fine.

    As long as your Hubs stay over 40 they are dofollow so you are okay there

    1. LVM profile image58
      LVMposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      I think I have read somewhere here that when your hubberscore is below 75, your hubs' links become NOFOLLOW.

      I think that's what worries ATD.

    2. sunforged profile image71
      sunforgedposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      I mostly agree with Dales commentary.

      Lose the bold keywords, dont think it directly effects your hubscore (not hubber) but it will effect your page duration because most readers will leave...your cumulative hubscore has some effect on your hubber score

      i mean really that looks like shit

      I dont think your overboard on keywords...your writing about cast iron so your using the descriptive term cast ironm but by bolding them its very obvious why you are doing this

      The amazon capsules, not to many, but way to many items within each, limit the feeds to 1 or 2 items

      You dont need a link to your own profile in each hub, its already there

      You could always mix it up, a couple of rss feeds , some reccoemnded hubs, related etc.

      Your HUbberScore (this is mostly conjecture and observation, it has been explained well and by those most in the know, check the FAQs) seems to be mostly effected by hubber hour of commenting on other hubs, some forum posting and even commenting on your own hubs should give you those points back.

      The megafanning is true (and yes LVM you are THE example, lol) such will lead to a punitively low hubber score ..but you can certainly fan dozens a day (not 3-4 week) w/o that worry.

      I have a very low fan count myself so Im not speaking from personal experience on that one

      I dont remember the actual numbers but im pretty sure 40 is far lower than the actual number that leads to a nofollow designation ..75 for hubberscore, maybe 60-65 on individual hub?

      40 is considered Spammer on the old hub designations

      1. Appletreedeals profile image68
        Appletreedealsposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        Thanks for the input sunforged, and I agree, They really did look like....

        as you can see from my reply to Dale, all fixed now. Won't make that mistake again.

        as for the amazon modules, guess I'll just have to toss a coin, I've gotten advice from experienced, (and successful?) hubbers promoting both ways. Although I am leaning towards moderation.

        Thanks again for your effort.

        1. Marisa Wright profile image87
          Marisa Wrightposted 14 years agoin reply to this

          I'm really curious who is promoting the idea of lots of Amazon capsules and hardly any pictures or videos.  Recently, I've seen several people saying they've "gotten advice' along those lines but have never read anything actually give that advice.

          I know Nelle is a successful affiliate marketer who has recently joined here - her Hubs are like that, and it's a totally different approach to the one more established Hubbers have taken.

      2. soapyfire profile image58
        soapyfireposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        my understanding is that your hubber score needs to remain above 75 and any hub in question needs to be at 50 or higher for the links to carry weight.

    3. Appletreedeals profile image68
      Appletreedealsposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      LOL, it was one of those, "'s 2am in the morning Great ideas" that makes you wish you had stopped at 1:55am. The bold type accents were nuts, I spent time going through all my hubs bolding the keywords and now spending twice as much time going back and un-bolding them.

      I agree with you, it was hard as hell trying to read them like that, and I can only wonder at "what was I thinking?" They are all unbolded now.

      (ps. I've now heard that bolding your primary keeyword just once is enough)

      Thanks Dale

  7. Misha profile image62
    Mishaposted 14 years ago

    Guys, don't mix hubs hubscore and hubber hubscore. 75 refers to hubber hubscore smile

  8. lrohner profile image68
    lrohnerposted 14 years ago

    And I see that your score is up to 75, ATD. Way to go!

  9. rebekahELLE profile image86
    rebekahELLEposted 14 years ago

    similar question, is it common for hubber scores to drop after publishing a hub even though traffic is increased the day it's published? hmm

    1. earnestshub profile image80
      earnestshubposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Basically I think the answer may be yes. I have it happen when I publish, at least for a while after. smile

  10. Appletreedeals profile image68
    Appletreedealsposted 14 years ago

    Thanks all for your input.

    Marissa - regarding the amount of Amazon capsules, I'm trying it both ways on different hubs, but since I have yet to get my adsense account straightened out on Hbpages, I guess my only clues will come from traffic count

    and as LNV surmised, yes it is the Hubber score that bothers me, it affects  my links and adsense. the individual hub score doen't worry me, I use it to judge reader response.

  11. sunforged profile image71
    sunforgedposted 14 years ago

    Id push for less items in the amazon feeds, the amount of capsules doesnt concern me, but seeing 8 similar items, many time the same items,seems ineffective, and just bad composition.

    I do well in Amazon in general...not just on hubs, I dont really track what comes from where anymore for that one program


    marissa, I just looked through Nelles hubs and she uses multiple capsules, with 1 or 2 items in each, it looks good and i imagine the searches are specialized

    she seems to like to end with an amazon feed with lots  of items

    but all together its a very clean approach

    on a side note, its a little disarming seeing her profile page, since there are no pics in her hubs so you just see dozens of pics of her face staring at you..

    maybe thats planned too

  12. jrcemail profile image64
    jrcemailposted 14 years ago

    I can vouch for the fan thing lowering your score.


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