Who loves the octagon fights?

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  1. qwark profile image60
    qwarkposted 8 years ago

    Boxing is for "wussys."
    "The octagon" satisfies the "testosterone" driven beast in me!
    How about you?

  2. wyanjen profile image81
    wyanjenposted 8 years ago

    I'm not a testosterone driven beast.
    But I sure do love watching them in the octagon.
    Tap out!

    1. qwark profile image60
      qwarkposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I'm with you!
      I was a golden gloves contender when I was in my early 20's.
      If I had it to do over again, I'd learn ever MMA technique and fight in the octagon....lol ..but i'm too damned old now.
      I never miss a fight tho.
      It has really grown in the past 10 yrs...

  3. wyanjen profile image81
    wyanjenposted 8 years ago

    My TiVo is set up to record Suggestions for me.
    It recorded WEC WrekCage one day.

    I went ahead and watched. TiVo is usually dead on when it guesses what I might like. I was expecting a bloody eye gauging battle.

    Imagine my confusion when the Jiu-Jitsu broke out. Next thing I know, I'm googling "Muay Thai".
    It's fascinating to see many styles used in the same fight. I won't go so far as to say it's like chess, but there is so much strategy... It's great when a wrestler goes up against a striker.

    So you were a boxer? How did you get into that sport?
    You say boxing is for wusses, but the reality is that MMA is much more safe.

    Anyway, I've got three UFC fights on the TiVo as we speak. I never watch them live because the hype & crap that they do in between fights drives me nuts.
    Get it on!

    1. qwark profile image60
      qwarkposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Thats what I like about it. MMA of course means mixed martial arts...the better ya are at all of them, the better the chance for a win. As coture(spelling) says: technique will overcome strength. I love to watch the ground work and tapouts...the knockouts are ok and moi tai is deadly...but I really love the ground work. Kinda ticks me off sometimes when  the ref makes em stand up. I know they have to be crowd pleasers..so ya gotta keep the action goin..:-)
      My father was a golden gloves champ in San Francisco in hte 30's..we would spar alot and I kinda had a desire to box professionally but I got a couple teeth knocked out and replaced with caps....lol and decided I'd become a swimmer instead...lol
      I love to watch the "gals" fight.I'm glad they increased the round time to 5 minutes.
      I do the same thing, I record em and watch em later....yayyy...

  4. wyanjen profile image81
    wyanjenposted 8 years ago

    Love it.

    Yes, those elbows are deadly. My favorite is judo though. I'll rewind sometimes, because the dude is laying on the mat and it happened so fast that I didn't even see how it happened.

    I'm working on a hub for my buddy:
    http://www.michigankarateacademy.com/we … fault.aspx

    He does a lot of work with kids. He's got a neat little school. I won't let him talk me into taking a class though. lol

    1. qwark profile image60
      qwarkposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      That's a great site!
      Did you build it?
      Very few females are into MMA
      Why do you like it?

  5. wyanjen profile image81
    wyanjenposted 8 years ago

    No, I didn't create that site. It's awesome, isn't it?

    Very few females are into MMA. You're not kidding! It's not a Girl's Night Out activity, that's for sure.
    I'm a tomboy though. I grew up watching sports with my father. My favorite memories of him involve watching the Detroit Lions. It taught me how to be a happy loser. lol

    What Couture said about the sport sums up why I enjoy it. It is a battle of strength and technique. A guy will set up a strategy, work away toward his plan, and then wind up laying flat on his back because he missed one simple block. Thank you, Chuck Liddell. lol

    MMA fights are kinda like snowflakes. No two are the same. You can try to predict the strategies, but then you'll get a wrestling specialist who decides to stand up & strike.

    Of course I'd be lying if I said "testosterone driven beasts" are not fun to watch just on principle...
    ... I've always said to the guys when this subject comes up:
    My reason for watching sports is NOT the same reason the men have! wink

  6. profile image0
    Ghost32posted 8 years ago

    Just saw this thread.

    I saw the very first fight on Pay Per View.  Had to drive 45 miles, "rent" a friend's mother's home for the evening, pay for the show, AND pay for Friend and Mom to take a powder while I sat down to study.

    'Cuz that's what I do.  I don't watch MMA fights, I STUDY 'em.  Haven't always been in position to watch, never have had TIVO, but still.  The Ice Man's my guy--Chuck (Liddell) may have looked a tad out of place on Dancing With The Stars, but tell ya what:  He did a lot better on that show than any of the other dancers would have done in the Octagon!  (Well, duh.) lol  And the rest of the crew (on Dancing) seemed absolutely loaded with estrogen when Chuck was in the room.

    When I first took a few months' worth of Shotokan karate lessons, I was fifty-something.  The teacher (Sensei) didn't know what to make of me--mentioned one time that most guys my age did karate for exercise, while I seemed to think I was going to be the next Chuck Norris.  That was a year or two before UFC hit the airwaves.

    Guess maybe I've got a "Chuck" thing goin' on here?  lol

  7. wyanjen profile image81
    wyanjenposted 8 years ago

    Hi Ghost

    I don't think I would enjoy a live MMA fight as much as I do when I can rewind & slo-mo it.

    I didn't see Liddell on Dancing... it's not a show I watch, but I would have definitely checked that out!
    Ice Man has a weird affect on me. At the start of every one of his fights, I'm rooting against him. But if wins, I'm cheering like crazy.
    I really like to see guys take him down, but he is so damn good, I can't help cheering for him.

  8. warchild75 profile image78
    warchild75posted 8 years ago

    Brilliant guys,seems you enjoy mixed martial arts as much as me,i have done a series of hubs on the ufc in general,check them out im sure you will enjoy. smile

  9. wyanjen profile image81
    wyanjenposted 8 years ago

    Ghost, I'll start calling you Chuck. smile

    warchild, is it safe to assume you are a Bisping fan?

  10. warchild75 profile image78
    warchild75posted 8 years ago

    i like bisping seeing as he is british but i feel there are better british fighters out there such as dan hardy and the newcomer Paul daley who has the power and aggression to get to the top


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