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    How I Used Diet For Acid Reflux Treatment

    8 months ago

    Read about my personal experience treating acid reflux with a 4-week diet. Find out what foods to eat and avoid, and how my acid reflux diet plan brought me lasting relief from heartburn symptoms.

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    How to Identify a Worn Wheel Bearing

    8 months ago

    If you have a car, at some point in time you will need to do some basic maintenance on it. One of these basic tasks is the inspection and possible replacement of your wheel bearings.

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    Gta 6 What Can We Expect

    8 months ago

    GTA 6 could only be 12-24 months away now and as the excitement builds I will take a look at all of the gossip and rumours so far surrounding possibly the most eagerly awaited video game of this decade.

  • Fifa 18 Ultimate Team - How to Make 40,000 Coins per Day

    Fifa 18 Ultimate Team - How to Make 40,000 Coins per Day

    9 months ago

    This easy to follow guide will help you to make up to 40k per day on ultimate team, This will be super helpful what with Team of the Season coming up soon. You dont have to be a great trader and you dont have to have many coins to succeed at this method.

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    How To Improve At Fifa Pt 1 Possession & Formation

    9 months ago

    What Follows is a Pt 1 of a guide on how to become a better Fifa player, Using tricks and tips from some of the worlds best players and a little impartial knowlege from myself!!.

  • Jury Service In The Uk

    Jury Service In The Uk

    9 months ago

    A look at Jury Service In The UK From My own Personal Experience, What to expect and how to prepare for what could be a very big eye opening experience.

  • How To Combat Hayfever

    How To Combat Hayfever

    8 months ago

    Hayfever can be a persons worst nightmare during the summer, this is a guide for all those sufferes teaching you how to virtually cure the symptoms and enjoy days out in the summer

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    Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Tips and Strategies

    9 months ago

    Need for speed hot pursuit has been a long time coming,as a need for speed fan i and many others have been let down over the last couple of years with the quality of need for speed games,but when word of this release came out i have to admit i was...

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    Fifa 11 Ultimate Team Tips And Strategies

    9 months ago

    A guide on how to Improve your Fifa 11 team using my tips and strategies!

  • 5 Best Watches In The World

    5 Best Watches In The World

    9 months ago

    Watches have always been a passion of mine and i have several that i like to wear,unfortunately i am not in a position to afford many of the worlds most glamorous and expensive watches as much as i wish i was.Many of these are still hand crafted and...

  • FIFA 11 Ultimate Team Features I'd Like to See

    FIFA 11 Ultimate Team Features I'd Like to See

    8 months ago

    I have made more than 10 hubs about fifa 10 ultimate team and they have been read and are still enjoyed to this day by thousands of readers, I am already however wondering what is in store for us fans in the next instalment of FIFA ultimate team in...

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    Fifa 10 Ultimate Team's Fastest Players

    9 months ago

    Fifa 10 Ultimate team is the hugely popular download for fifa 10,it revolves around a card trading game and you use coins to buy and trade for the best players in the world.You can play in competitions both single player and online.Some people...

  • 90's Computer Game List

    90's Computer Game List

    9 months ago

    A List of some of the best computer and console games to be released in the nineties, These are my personal favorites and I have spent many happy hours locked in a room playing them.

  • How to Be Succesful on Hubpages

    How to Be Succesful on Hubpages

    9 months ago

    That's right everyone needs motivation,when you cant be bothered to do any more work but some one tells you a motivational story it helps,it really does.What this hub is about is how i started at the bottom of the ladder like most of you and how,...

  • Fight Night Round 4 tips and strategies

    Fight Night Round 4 tips and strategies

    9 months ago

    Fight night round 4 is here, It's back and better than ever with improved graphics and sound as well as extra boxers and gameplay elements, Personally I loved FN3 but when they announced the next one would have Mike Tyson in it as a playable...

  • Mauritius Island Paradise

    Mauritius Island Paradise

    9 months ago

    It has been said that Mauritius was made first and then heaven was copied from it.Well having not been to heaven yet I'm afraid i cant compare the two but the statement doesn't seem too far off the mark.I went for 10 days recently and saw most of...

  • Bulking Up

    Bulking Up

    9 months ago

    Most men are not happy with their body,but for skinny guys its a big problem as we are constantly being bombarded by images of 6packs and pecs that we can only dream about.Well if like me you have had enough and decided to bulk up im going to offer...

  • Wedding Speech Success

    Wedding Speech Success

    9 months ago

    Wedding speeches be they performed by the groom, the best man, or the father of the bride are probably one of the most nervous times you will experience, unless you have to do some kind of public speaking in your day to day life you will be...

  • Lose Weight the Natural Way

    Lose Weight the Natural Way

    9 months ago

    Everyone who has ever tried to lose weight has a get slim quick scheme, some quick way of losing the flab. I have seen lots of these ideas come and go, some work, most don't. Don't eat carbs in the evening, just eat fruit, and chocolate in moderation,...

  • How to Build a Bigger Chest

    How to Build a Bigger Chest

    9 months ago

    We all as men want a bigger chest or at least a more defined chest,that combined with a smaller waist can make you look huge. In the next couple of chapters i will tell you about some of the most effective exercises for building a thicker bigger...

  • Changing a Peugeot Battery

    Changing a Peugeot Battery

    9 months ago

     Changing a peugeot battery is a very simple task that can be achieved by those even with a basic knowledge of cars. There are just a few golden rules one must observe when attemting to fit the battery themselves if these are observed then you...

  • How to Build Bigger Legs

    How to Build Bigger Legs

    9 months ago

    I have always struggled mentally with the fact that my legs were quite small,so after joining the gym several months ago and discovering all the different exercises available to bulk your legs up i thought i would share these with some of the other...

  • Body Building for Skinny People

    Body Building for Skinny People

    9 months ago

    I have in the past year started to bulk up my small frameand have been trying to get bigger arms, bigger legs and a bigger chest and having seen the results i would like to pass some of my knowledege gained over the past year to others looking to...

  • Things to See and Do in Perth, Western Australia

    Things to See and Do in Perth, Western Australia

    9 months ago

    An informative guide for people looking for things to see and do in Perth,western Australia. I have visited Australia on a couple of occasions now and seeing as it is such a big country with so many varied and exciting places to go it only makes...


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