I'd like feedback on my article: Beginner's Guide to Upwork success

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  1. Mahmood Anwar profile image67
    Mahmood Anwarposted 7 months ago

    Hi Hubbers,

    I'd like some help with passing the Quality Assessment Process. This article has been rejected thrice and I've done everything possible to improve it. Will you please give feedback on my article? What can I do to improve it further? Thanks!
    Here is my article: Beginner's Guide to Upwork success (must be signed in to view)

    1. theraggededge profile image98
      theraggededgeposted 7 months agoin reply to this

      Are you saying that UpWork discriminates against women?

      "...the average earnings for men and women are $20/hour and $16/hour respectively."

      Your article looks fine to me, although some concrete examples of your jobs and earnings might help.

      I've written for clients on UpWork. I didn't like it at all.

  2. Mahmood Anwar profile image67
    Mahmood Anwarposted 7 months ago

    The gender based earning statistic is available on internet and a similar disparity exists in corporate compensation structures.
    As far as earnings are concerned, I haven't spent that much time on Upwork and that's why I've only covered Beginner's tips for now.
    I'm just as stumped about the article's rejection as you are, because this is the fourth time it's happened.

    1. AliciaC profile image97
      AliciaCposted 7 months agoin reply to this

      You could try replacing the two images with sources that link to a particular website. A moderator may have felt that you were promoting the site. It would be better to use images with a Creative Commons or public domain license.

    2. theraggededge profile image98
      theraggededgeposted 7 months agoin reply to this

      There are a couple of small details that need fixing.

      Success should be capitalized in the title.

      Your first sentence is missing a question mark. As does the second. In fact you are asking a few questions throughout and have missed off the questions marks on all of them.

      That infographic is poor quality. Find something better on Pixabay.

      The whole article is a bit 'wordy'. Go through it carefully and see where you can replace sentences with shorter, sharper versions. Here's one I selected at random:

      "There are multiple freelancing platforms on the internet and the basic idea is to provide an online services-based marketplace connecting buyers and sellers."

      "There are multiple freelance platforms; all with the aim of connecting buyer to seller."

      Internet and online are not necessary because it's already understood that's what you are writing about. You could reduce the word count by a third and your article would be snappier, easier to read, and just better.

      Why aren't you making use of multiple text capsules and proper subtitles?

      Edit: You should mention how much Upwork takes in fees and how soon will the initial % reduce.

      That'll give you something to work on smile Good luck.

  3. Mahmood Anwar profile image67
    Mahmood Anwarposted 7 months ago

    It's great to hear your suggestions and you have certainly spent a lot of time on them. However, if I understand correctly there are no major issues with the article and you have shared a rather personal POV (there's nothing wrong with that).
    I can rehash the content 5-10 times to suit each reader's perspective, but that won't do much good.
    The only reason for posting is to know if there are any specific HubPages rules regarding article selection e.g. wordcount, particular topics etc. It would be great if you could share that.
    The infographic point is well taken. Thanks a lot.

    1. theraggededge profile image98
      theraggededgeposted 7 months agoin reply to this

      No, most are not personal opinions. They are actual errors and are why your article was rejected. Read what I wrote again.

      Your reason for posting, you said in the OP, was because the article did not pass QAP three times.

  4. Will Apse profile image90
    Will Apseposted 7 months ago

    You have 2 links to hxxps://www.digperformance.com in the image credits, which looks promotional. 

    There is no sign you have the right to use either image.

  5. DrMark1961 profile image97
    DrMark1961posted 7 months ago

    The reason your article failed to pass QAP is the poor quality cartoon graphics. Theraggededge and AliciaC already pointed this out. As Will pointed out, they will be seen as promotional too.
    If you follow their suggestions, it will be approved.
    The other reason for failure is the huge block of text. Why not replace them with text capsules and subtitles? If you do not improve this, it is going to fail again.

    1. Mahmood Anwar profile image67
      Mahmood Anwarposted 7 months agoin reply to this

      Thanks for the crisp and clear advice DrMark1961. Two articles posted on HubPages had passed QAP and I was trying to understand where I was going wrong with this one. The main issues seem to be article length and images. I'm working on both of them. Thanks again.

      1. Will Apse profile image90
        Will Apseposted 7 months agoin reply to this

        Stick with it. It's a learning curve. I am still on that curve, many years down the line, lol.

        1. Mahmood Anwar profile image67
          Mahmood Anwarposted 7 months agoin reply to this

          True, it's always a learning curve, but you gain confidence with the passage of time. I've re-published the article considering the feedback received. Please have a look, if you can access it:
          https://hubpages.com/money/Top-10-tips- … -on-Upwork

          1. Will Apse profile image90
            Will Apseposted 7 months agoin reply to this

            Strikes me as a pretty decent and honest page. I will be surprised if you do not get it featured. Come back if there is a problem.

            There is a big thing about images these days. It is important to pay attention to them.

            Ideally, images should be as important as the text when it comes to satisfying the readers needs. Even better, the images should be original.

            Stock photos, cliched images, pointless fillers, really alienate readers.

            This is a google search for your first image: https://www.google.com/search?q=content … mp;bih=580

            It has been used an awful lot. Maybe find something better next time. Or maybe learn how to use Photoshop or GIMP (https://www.gimp.org).

  6. DrMark1961 profile image97
    DrMark1961posted 7 months ago

    It looks a lot better after being broken up with subtitles. Definitely a lot easier to look over.
    Only two issues. The first is the word "success" in your title. Hubpages titles and subtitles should follow the APA writing style, so that word needs to be capitilized. If you need it, this page will convert for you: https://capitalizemytitle.com/
    I also agree with Will about the first image. It has been used a lot. Why not try to use something of your own?


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