Photo Capsules Publishing Out of Order

  1. Isabella Snow profile image89
    Isabella Snowposted 10 years ago

    Whitney mentioned this in another hub but since it wasn't addressed yet, and since most of the other comments said they weren't experiencing that, I'm making a new thread.

    Whitney said:

    This is precisely what happened with the hubs I published several days ago. I figured it was a glitch that would be corrected so I didn't mention it, but I'm still having this problem. 

    They are correct when editing, but they are wrong in preview. Well, actually I guess the preview's correct, cos that *is* how they publish.

    It's easy to fix by editing and moving the capsules back (they show where they really are when you go back to edit) but it would be nice not to have to do that.

  2. Angela Harris profile image68
    Angela Harrisposted 10 years ago

    Yeah, I had this problem today.

  3. Stacie Naczelnik profile image74
    Stacie Naczelnikposted 10 years ago

    Yup.  Same issues.  And it is still wonky when publishing.